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Factions And The Federalist s 10

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Factions And The Federalist s 10

If there were a solid theme present within the pages of James Madison ‘s The Federalist s 10 it would be that governments and its peoples must accept that there will always be factions present within a society who will seek to put forth their own interests to the forefront . This in and of itself , is not a malicious act , but the government still must find a way to properly address the issues of various factions so as to avoid either the destabilization of the government or [banner_entry_middle]

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Madison ‘s definition of a faction is a group of men whose primary purpose is to sway public opinion towards a particular issue in to cause the government to adjudicate a decision that will be favorable to the faction ‘s own specific interests . This , of course , will eventually pit the different factions against each other and may lead to severe tension as factions have a tendency to be emotionally passionate about their particular beliefs and interests

A zeal for different opinions concerning religion , concerning government , and many other points , as well of speculation as of practice an attachment to different leaders ambitiously contending for pre-eminence and power or to persons of other s whose fortunes have been interesting to the human passions , have , in turn divided mankind into parties , inflamed them with mutual animosity , and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other than to co-operate for their common good (Madison

Madison is quick to point out that because the desire to form factions is inherent to all people and would be highly difficult to suppress . If the government did try to suppress or silence a faction , there would be a need for a significant departure from

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guaranteed freedom and the liberty that would eventually result in the dissolution of all freedom . A second manner of eliminating factions would require the government to force its own ideology upon its people and disallowing any dissent or opposing views . Needless to say , this is rejected because it goes against the core tenets of a free society . As history has shown us , the only governments that opt to deal with factions in these stifling manners were tyrannical , that were utterly statist in concept and design

What Madison explains that in for factions to exist harmoniously in society , the factions should be allowed to present their case , the causes for the factional skirmishes need to be examined and an emphasis should be placed on controlling the possible destabilization that factions might possibly cause if they do not get their way . That is , a system needs to be set in place that provides a logical where decisions are made and abided by as opposed to one where various factions constantly scheming for control and thus leading to a situation of pure anarchy

Madison ‘s belief is that by providing for a majority rules democracy where either direct voting or representative government makes the final decision on policy (domestic and international ) where its decisions become binding , there will be the elimination of the possibility of factions leading to unrest that threatens the very fabric of the government . Those who opt to combat any binding decisions certainly should be allowed to dissent , but they must do so within the realm of law and not put forth a revolutionary , anarchic force that would threaten the republic

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The issues put forth in the Federalist s 10 provide significant clarity to all political systems in terms of being able to define and understand factions within government system . How different governments wish to deal with factions can vary , but within the construct of the United States , the way to deal with factions is by allowing democratic principles to flourish with in an infrastructure that has a stabilizing power … [banner_entry_footer]

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