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While out walking my dog a week ago , I happen to come across an old lady who seemed oblivious to her surroundings . In fact , she did not seem to mind the humid air that clung on the skin like a second piece of clothing . Instead , the elderly lady was walking leisurely , smiling at everyone who passed her by . There was nothing really striking about her . In fact , I could say she was past her prime and might already be entering the age of senility because of the way she greeted and smiled at [banner_entry_middle]

everyone . The skin on her neck were already sagging , the corners of her eyes had laugh lines , and she obviously was wearing false teeth She was your typical old woman . But one thing that struck me about the old lady was her over-all presence

You could say that she was one woman who has completed her sojourn here on earth and is ready to go on the next phase . She did not seem to mind her physical appearance anymore , nor did she mind that most people around her were yuppies ‘ or young professional who wanted to prolong their youth by exercising and sweating out the unwanted cholesterol and fats clogging their bodies

And it got me thinking . When I reach her age , will I turn out to be like her ? Would I be a happy old person , content and blissful of what I have achieved in life or will I be the like most people I know : afraid to grow old because I will then be considered useless by society and then I will be stowed away at some nursing village or retirement home

We have to admit it , old people remind us that we will wither and die one day . That is why we take great pains in finding the fountain of youth , take countless vitamins and food supplements to ensure that we maintain our youthful energy and beauty . We chase the inevitable . Why then do we fear aging ? Why is it that we fear getting old when all of us will be taking the same route , only some of us never make it . But eventually , all of us will grow old and that is a fact

We dread getting old because by growing old , we are just admitting that we are not in control anymore . When we were 18 and learning to drive we thought we were invincible , ready to take on the world . Our old folks are in the mercy of our hand and our wheels . And our culture does not help much at all . Unlike other countries , our country has a different concept of growing old – retirement home . In China and the Philippines , instead of placing their grandparents in retirement homes their families make sure that their old folks stay with them Grandchildren , nieces and nephews make sure that their old folks are well taken care of

In the United States , it is very difficult to grow old because that would mean that… [banner_entry_footer]

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