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Federal Legislation and the Development of Vocational Eduation

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Federal Legislation and the Development of Vocational Education

Employment should be available to everyone who wants it , despite any physical or educational limitations . If a person is capable of doing the work , then they should be given the opportunity to do it . It has been proven time and time again those workers who really want to work disregarding any said handicaps ‘ they may have , are among the most loyal and dependable of employees

The National Civilian Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1920 was the foundation of the laws that now govern the United [banner_entry_middle]

States ‘ stand on employment of persons with disabilities . It went into force in 1920 but was amended many times through the next three decades until 1954 , when it was put in force as the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1954 . The deepest impact came when through Public Law 93-112 renamed it in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 . The 1973 law forbade any program receiving federal assistance from discriminating against the handicapped (Hotchkiss , 2003 ,


Through a laborious process , the federal government has presented employers of all sizes (except those with fifteen or less employees ) a mandatory and also encouraging role in employing the handicapped Other groups such as religious groups , social clubs , family members American Indian tribes , and farm or domestic workers are also exempt from having to hire disabled employees (Hotchkiss , 2003 ,

.2 ) All others fall under either federal or state discrimination laws for the handicapped

Following the federal government ‘s lead , the states have imposed their own legislation on employment of the disabled within their state . This is advantageous and beneficial to the handicapped workers but the main regulations had to start and come from the federal legislation . It was not always an easy task to accomplish in the slow process to reach the point it has now as it had to override a great deal of prejudice against the capabilities of the disabled . In a sad reflection of this country ‘s past , the handicapped were often shunned and considered helpless , let alone unemployable . They were placed in institutions with usually deplorable living conditions , a usual lack of care or interest by the staff of these places , and many simply spent their entire lives confined and unacknowledged by the government or society . Through the courage of a few determined people , many of them handicapped themselves , they began to bring before the lawmakers the plight of these citizens and so the change began

This also came about because of the return of WWI disabled veterans These people went to war to fight for this nation as whole and came back crippled from permanent injuries and still had families to support when they returned home . Though former wars had created the same situation WWI was a much larger war in scale and the amount of Americans that participated in it was vast . There was a clear and decisive need for something to be done to aid these veterans and help them retain a life treated with respect… [banner_entry_footer]

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