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feedback part2

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Your employee leaves a warehouse door unlocked over night . The warehouse contains thousands of dollars worth of equipment . This is the first time it has happened

Dear Jake , The warehouse door was left unbolted last night . This could have lost us thousands of dollars in equipment . While it is the very first time that this happened , I recommend that you double check everything before leaving . Doing so will protect us from damages or losses . Thank you One member of your Learning Team is consistently late with his portion of [banner_entry_middle]

the assignments . You are now working on your final assignment , worth 20 points , and this member has again not submitted his section on time It is now one day past deliverables

Dear Jake , the group is still waiting for your portion of the assignment . This is a group activity and your failure to submit will affect everybody . We will be waiting for you at the library until 3PM today . If you need help completing your task , call us . See you

One of your employees finally completes a complex procedure correctly after many attempts

Dear Jake , I am glad that you have finally figured the task I gave you The process took you considerable time , but it is well served . I expect that you are now familiar with it and can do it again with less time than it took you today . Thank you… [banner_entry_footer]

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