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female movement (gender studies)

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Female Movement


The of sexism or gender discrimination until recently has been denied or avoidable . For decades the issues of gender inequality were censored in media and politics even in such developed countries and cultures as the United States and Europe . Dictated by cultural historical and theological differences , on the global scope the facts of female sexism and discrimination have been even more covered . One who believes that nowadays due to the expansion of feminist philosophy and western thought on gender equality gender issues are changing in positive direction [banner_entry_middle]

for women is fundamentally wrong . Discriminating trend towards women goes on in the most of developing countries , while western society still cannot completely respond to the philosophy of gender equality and feminism . This aims to reveal the nature of sexism , its main triggers and trends , and discuss some of the most important aspects of sexism towards women that are prevailing in contemporary society

Apparently , foundations of sexism are deeply rooted in human nature religion , psychology and upbringing . When Dr . Monique Fouant of the Medical College of Virginia studied Chilean mummies from the Azapa culture (circa 1000 B .C ) she found that 36 percent of the women , but only 9 percent of the men , had broken bones and over half were skull fractures . The nature of the fractures indicated that in 45 percent of the mummies examined , death had been inflicted by lethal blows . It was the same story 750 years later , in the Alto-Ramirez culture . Of the women , 50 percent had fractures of the men , only 20 percent (Raymond 31 . Despite these astonishing statistics , our century exhibits the similar situation . Between 1985 and 1986 alone , more than 2 ,300 Indian brides were killed in dowry disputes . The killing of brides , usually by burning , as an expression of dissatisfaction with the dowry , has become one of the scourges of modern India . These are only the official figures , mostly from urban areas , and police admit that many more dowry murders take place in the rural areas . India has already passed a Dowry Prohibition Act , the Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act (1978 ) and the Cruelty to Women Deterrent Punishment Ordinance (1983 , yet the problem continues due to lack of enforcement

Nowadays , when western states and cultures talk about race equality , in many countries discrimination against is truly worse than discrimination based on race . Media revealed the tragedy in Pakistan , when a blind girl who had been raped and was pregnant was sentenced to be stoned to death (Voice of Women , 1985 . She could not identify the rapist , but according to Islamic law since she was pregnant she was held to be guilty of illegal sex . Perhaps the foregoing was a case of one in a million , but then consider the following : the Islamic states have signed the United Nations convention forbidding any form of political , social or economic discrimination on grounds of gender , yet in most states a woman is forbidden to attend law school may not… [banner_entry_footer]

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