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Film Grand Canyon (1991)-Points toward its final Theological vision

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The movie Grand Canyon (1991 , directed by Laurence Kasdan , show the interconnectedness of the lives of four main characters : Mack , a successful businessman (played by Kevin Kline Simon , a tow-truck driver (played by Danny Glover Davis , a Hollywood director of mindless violent action films (played by Steve Martin and Claire , Mack ‘s wife (played by Mary McDonnell . These characters encounter different problems in their lives that force them out of their ordinary routines and to rethink their lives

The Grand Canyon symbolizes the overall scheme [banner_entry_middle]

of things and how man is actually merely part of a much bigger picture . The Grand Canyon , as depicted in the end of the movie , with Simon standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon , is not merely a place or a tourist attraction . The Grand Canyon is a symbol that points beyond itself . The very vastness and majesty of the Grand Canyon indicates an intrinsic connection between the Grand Canyon as the symbol itself and what it symbolizes , which is the greater plan or scheme of things that God has mapped out for the world . Like the character of Simon standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon , it is easy for man to feel lost and insignificant compared to the majesty of the place , and here we see how the Grand Canyon participates in that to which it points which is , to put it simply , the overall scheme of things

The use of Grand Canyon as a symbol of a much bigger world implies that the characters in the movie might come out better by putting their lives in perspective . It encourages them to not be so self-centered and to remain enclosed in their own little cocoons . In the movie we see how the experiences of the main characters ended up taking their lives into different turns . Putting one ‘s life in perspective as part of a master plan or bigger picture , as symbolized by the Grand Canyon , will allow new levels of reality to open up for the characters which would have otherwise been closed for them

Any person standing at the edge overlooking Grand Canyon no doubt feels the greatness of the landmark site . Its greatness and majesty would hush and awe any onlooker , and it is something that man had no hand in creating . In this way , the Grand Canyon itself is overwhelming , and since it is no man-made , man feels the awe and wonder for the forces behind its creation . It is something beyond man ‘s control , and in the Grand Canyon itself we see the hand of God . Like the characters of the book , any onlooker of the Grand Canyon would feel small and insignificant . This is why the Grand Canyon is a good symbol to show the master plan or bigger picture as shaped by God or the universe depending on what you want to believe . Symbols cannot be produced intentionally nor arbitrarily and the Grand Canyon itself already awakens that… [banner_entry_footer]

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