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Film: Julius Caesar

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Movie Journal

Title of movie : Julius Caesar

Date of Production : 1953

Director : Joseph L . Mankiewicz

Julius Caesar is a film version (1953 ) of Shakespeare ‘s play and is called to be the most successful Hollywood adaptation . The director of the film Joseph L . Mankiewicz made a successful attempt to authentically preserve the characters , themes and actions . Mankiewicz used the technique of the screen to the utmost advantage in the use of close-ups of detail to illustrate key moments in film terms

Julius Caesar is a tragedy of an assassin who [banner_entry_middle]

is too honorable to succeed . Caesar is a ghost story , seduction , study of marriage and fortune-telling . The film production is also a course in public speaking , social studies lesson , history of civil war and revenge and forgiveness , dramatic story about regretted decisions , tribute to the power of mental images . The historical context is Caesar ‘s victory over Italians and Pompey ‘s sons whereas the historical events presented in the film production are the conspiracy between Cassius and Brutus to assassinate Julies Caesar and the power of Roman Empire that is so desired by certain characters . Brutus , Caesar ‘s best friend , is easily convinced that assassinating the best friend can be justified as it will assist in establishing liberty in Roman Empire . It resulted in Brutus agreement to join the conspiracy . Caesar ignored the warning about attending the Senate meeting and thus he was assassinated by conspirators . Although at the funeral Brutus made an attempt to justify his crime appealing to the crowd , he made a fatal mistake allowing Mark Antony to speak , because Mark was the most faithful follower of Caesar the crowd was incited and turned away from conspirators Morality won in a certain way , because Antony ‘s military forces defeated the conspirators and Brutus committed a suicide

After reviewing the historical context and events it is seen that a row of historical issues arose from the film . The first issue is tyranny that was so common in those times . In a certain way Julius Caesar is a story about the death of a benevolent tyrant . Although Caser had some good virtues in his character , he was a tyrant at heart and many people suffered from his cruelty . He was responsible for killing of innocent people as accepted no compromises thinking firstly about his own welfare

The next common historical issue is the question of betrayal . Although Brutus is portrayed as a respectable and noble person , he is betrayer at heart . It is necessary to note that being a weak person in a certain way he was all the more easily manipulated into killing his best friend Brutus betrayed Caser when stabbing him when Caesar looked him in the eyes and betrayed Caesar for the second time when believing he did it for the good of the Roman Empire . He explained even his motives to the citizens , but remained misunderstood . Another issue arising from betrayal is the desire of absolute power , because for the characters it meant more than… [banner_entry_footer]

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