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film review/screening report of Clockwatchers (1997, Jill Sprecher)

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CLOCKWATCHERS (1997 , Jill Sprecher



Whether boring , exciting or dramatic this movie may be , Clockwatchers deliver tons of laughter in the beginning of the film as the main characters struggle in their work , but somewhere in the middle of the movie you will notice the conflict , the mistrust and unhappiness among its central characters

The main characters have portrayed the internal issue of the film , and that is to be clock watchers ‘ one main reason is because of work stereotype , temps ‘ being alienated by perms ‘ Well that [banner_entry_middle]

‘s the normal issue in the workplace , if that ‘s not the case , then it ‘s peculiar


I was moved by the way permanent employee treated those who are temporary . But I believe that it was through proper dealing with people that you can establish good relationship , whether you ‘re the boss or you ‘re the employee it just go on with the time PURPOSE , THEME , OR MEANING OF THE FILM

Clockwatchers represents temporary work not as a chaos in which talented individuals must briefly bide their time , but as a peculiar state of oblivion for eccentric people who exist in their own eccentricity neither adept nor incompetent , neither reliable nor deceptive , neither loyal nor self-serving . This complex characterization makes Clockwatchers a far more interesting picture than it would have been as a simple , breezy comedy

Clockwatchers ‘ is exactly as it sounds– an examination of the realities of the modern working world , a perfect reflection of the times in which we live



It ‘s a stylish presentation for a good movie . If you ‘ve ever worked in office , especially as a temp , then I ‘m sure you can relate with the extreme feeling of detachment from the world


English (Dolby Digital 2 .0 Stereo ) are presented . Sound effects come through sharply as does the dialogue , mostly pumped through the center channel . Sound adds life to the story as to signify the intense feeling of the characters , and the extremes of every scene


The direction and cinematography of this film is terrific . It takes guts to burn film doing a close-up of someone ‘s glasses for 10 seconds . There is real art to this film the writing , the directing , the pacing editing , all right up at the top of the scale . The acting was fine , but I don ‘t think it ‘s the strong suit of this movie


Clockwatchers is one of those rare films that starts out as comedy of the mundane office life , but soon turns to something else much different . The tone switch from office comedy to light Indy drama is really refreshing


The core cast is completely great . Toni Collette is perfect as the shy girl who finds her voice and Parker Posey is typically great as the bossy and outlandish mischief-maker of the office . Lisa Kudrow manages to channel someone a little different than Phoebe , playing her character… [banner_entry_footer]

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