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Fluoride Varnish in Children

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What is it

Dental caries comprise the single most common chronic disease affecting children in the United States today (Lewis et al , 2000 While education and preventative visits to a dentist have certainly reduced the number of incidences , the issue remains a prominent one

Professionally applied al fluoride agents , for practical purposes utilize high fluoride concentrations to deposit considerable amounts of fluoride in short periods of time . Fluoride varnish is one such agent as a simple , effective professionally applied al agent

Duraphat , marketed by Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals , yields 2 .26 percent [banner_entry_middle]

br fluoride from a suspension of sodium fluoride in an alcoholic solution of natural varnish substances in colophonium base and has been restricted to use on sensitive teeth by the FDA (Vaikuntam , 2000

Duraflor , marketed by Medicom , is similar to Duraphat in formulation and contains 5 sodium fluoride varnish in an alcoholic suspension of natural resins ‘ They have also added xylitol for sweetness , allowing for more customer satisfaction . It is , however , less viscous than Durphat (Vaikuntam , 2000

Fluor Protector , marketed by Ivoclar of Amherst , NY , derives from a polyurethane base with 1 difluorosilane . Less viscous than either of the afore mentioned products , Fluor Protector has a lower ph than Duraphat as well (Vaikuntam , 2000

Cavity Shield , marketed by Omnii Products of Florida , is the newest product available . A 5 sodium fluoride varnish in a resinous base each millimeter contains 50mg NaF ‘ Unit-dosed , its greatest asset thus far is the improvement on cost-effectiveness , correct dosage , and prevention of over-ingestion (Vaikuntam , 2000


In the early 1970s , fluoride varnishes developed out of the drive to improve on current methods of fluoride use . This method , brought to Europe first , prolonged the contact time of fluoride with tooth enamel In Denmark , for example , more than 90 percent of municipal caries-preventative programs provided fluoride varnish to children up through 18 years of age (Beltran-Aguilar Goldstein , 2000

First approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1994 (Beltrane-Aguilar Goldstein , 2000 , the process has also been endorsed by the American Dental Association (Beltran-Aguilar Goldstein , 2000

The FDA considers use of the varnish off-label ‘ though not illegal If physicians use a product for an indication not in the approved labeling , they have the responsibility to be well informed about the product , to base its use on firm scientific rationale and on sound medical evidence , and to maintain records of the product ‘s use and effects (1998

The poor and minority groups of this country have traditionally been in a substandard slot for health care . Dental hygiene is no exception to this rule . Charlotte Lewis and peers have sited a study from the national Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research , which states 80 of caries occur in only 25 of children . Latino , American Indian and Alaska Natives are at especially high risk for developing early childhood caries , sometimes called `baby bottle tooth decay (2000

All clinical trials use children as the subjects and show an average improvement of 38 in caries reductions to permanent teeth ‘ based on… [banner_entry_footer]

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