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Focus on Ethics

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Friendship is a powerful concept in human social existence . Man ‘s communion with his fellow beings on a long term , semi permanent or permanent basis was the primary social activity which distinguished men from other animals . While animals did have bonds with fellow beings these were either too temporary or based on the physical needs of hunting for food , lust or procreation . Man appeared to be the only being who bonded with his fellows for social and intellectual fulfillment This concept [banner_entry_middle]

led to fostering friendship as the ultimate form of human coexistence some say even higher than marital relationship . Friendship has been the theme of many a folk lore and story throughout history However the close bonds of friendship also results in a sense of false loyalty when friends lie to and about each other . In such cases the central premise of friendship is continuity of attachment rather than a true sentiment of self fulfillment and growth . Flattery is the tool that is used to sustain friendship and enhance friends self esteem . However this is morally a vacuous concept which causes more harm in the long run than good to friendship

The Religious View of Flattery being Unethical

The concept of Adab in Islam very effectively connects lying with ethics (Keller . 2001 . It is said that a man should keep speaking the truth till the very end of his life which will lead to paradise , while lying will direct him to hell (Keller . 2001 . The concept of heaven and hell has been used in religion to simplistically state the path of righteousness to the common man who can be easily motivated through an aspirational objective such as heaven and avoiding an ulterior place as hell . Adab also covers instances when it may be ethical to lie such as when making up between two people , to an enemy in war or to a wife to increase here contentedness (Keller . 2001 . The justification given for these cases is that war is deception and settling trouble between people may be for the overall good

However it categorically states that it is unlawful (unethical ) to praise or blame another with an untruth (Keller . 2001 . Objective is said to denote the ethics of falsehood . Thus if the objective is permissible in common human interaction , the falsehood is also acceptable . In the case of the example of flattery the objective is to raise the self esteem of the friend however this is only a temporary boosting of the ego through a falsehood which will last for a very short period . Thus it cannot be considered as ethical for it is giving a misleading impression to the friend , which is like telling an outright lie (Keller . 2001

Buddhism has also provided some guidance on conscious lying , which is denoted by flattery indulged in with a friend (Derrett , nd . A privileged lie is one where it is so common that no excuse for it is expected . It is… [banner_entry_footer]

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