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Ford Motor Co. and the Electric Car

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Ford Motor Co . and the Electric Car

The Ford Motor Company , along with two other automotive giants namely GM and Toyota , is up to launching its new models of trucks during the end of this year . But there is a drastic change in the US housing schemes due to which the prices of the existing homes has fallen down to 14 which is for the first time in 11 years [Barbara Powell , Sep 28 ,2006] Now , the home residents are more inclined towards buying new and trendy cars instead of big pick up [banner_entry_middle]

trucks . These trucks are now bought largely by builders and their employees only , due to a rise in home construction and their prices . This situation is of great concern to the Ford Motors and to me being its operation management consultant because my company has around 27 of fuel didn ‘t affect the sales to this extent during the past few years which shows that a decrease in housing has a direct effect on the sales of trucks

Being an operation consultant , I have to keep my ears and eyes open to what analysts have to say about the present market trends . The situation which is taking shape has a lot to do with the external forces rather than the internal weakness of the company . It can be seen that the decline in the popularity of trucks is mainly due to the changing preferences of residents who do not want to sell their previous homes in to buy new ones . During the past decades , the high home sale profits , refinancing and equity loans had boosted the sales of trucks and sports cars , as it left the consumers with more disposable income Now , Ford Motor has to stir the enthusiasm among the people to attract them either towards their newly modeled trucks which are ready to be on display , or either offers a and more compatible as compared to the present models

According to my studies , the loss Ford Motor has faced is substantial but it evened out with a carefully planned product and market mix . The profits the second quarter income statements show are far less than what the company earned during the last year in the same quarter . Few of the figures which I considered were that of the worldwide automotive sales of the company which decreased from 38 .7 billion in the second quarter last year to 37 .7 billion during this year ‘s second quarter . Another important fact is that the form of cash equivalents , marketable securities and loaned securities at June 30 , 2006 was 23 .6 billion down from 23 .7 billion at the end of the first quarter [Financials Ford Motors , 2006] . These figures are critical to taking decisions on how the Ford Motors can compensate for the losses it have and are encountering due to the slowdown in the sales of trucks and sports vehicles

Keeping in view the above scenario , I first see what options company has in… [banner_entry_footer]

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