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Forensic Science – GSR

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Plasma is formed in this sequence of events

Plasma formation depends upon adequate magnetic field strength and the pattern of the gas streams follows a scrupulous rotationally symmetrically pattern . Plasma is maintained by inductive heating of the flowing gases . High frequency annular electric current within the conductor is generated by induction of a magnetic field . The conductor in return , is heated as the results of its ohmic resistance

To prevent possible short-circuit and meltdown , the plasma must be insulated from the rest of the instrument . Concurrent flow of gasses through the [banner_entry_middle]

system achieved insulation . There are three gasses that flows through the system , the inner or carrier gas , the intermediate gas and the outer gas . Argon and Nitrogen are the outer gas . The outer gas serves several purposes that includes stabilizing the position of the plasma , thermally isolating the plasma from the outer tube , and maintaining the plasma . Normally argon gas is used for both intermediate gas and inner or carrier gas and the purpose of the carrier gas is to convey the sample to the plasma

The ICP typically includes the following components sample introduction system (nebulizer , ICP torch , high frequency generator , transfer optics and spectrometer and a computer interface . An ICP requires that the elements , which are to be analysed , be in solution . A liquid solution is over an organic solution , due to the reason that organic solution will require special treatment prior to injection to the ICP Clogging of the instrument will occur if solid samples are used therefore it is discouraged . The nebulizer transforms the aqueous solution into an aerosol . Electrical signal can be measured quantitatively by means of converting light emitted by the atoms of an element into an electrical signal . Resolving the light into its component radiation and measuring the light intensity with the… [banner_entry_footer]

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