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Similarities between Frankenstein and Monster

Similarities between Frankenstein and Monster

Similarities in Frankenstein and Monster

Victor Frankenstein and his monster are considered conflation of each other . As the novel progresses , Frankenstein and his monster vie for the role of protagonist . With the progress of the story , the monster he created manifests itself as an identification of the traits and qualities of his creator , Victor Frankenstein . They are not similar physically and socially but their personality traits , thought patterns their intents toward humanity and ambitiousness make them analogous Levine [banner_entry_middle]

(1973 ) illustrates that the monster and Frankenstein are the sides of a same coin . He depicts that Frankenstein creates the monster and that , as they pursue their separate lives , they increasingly resemble and depend upon each other so that by the end Frankenstein pursues his own monster , their positions reversed , and the monster plants clues to keep Frankenstein in pursuit . As Frankenstein ‘s creation , the monster can be taken as an expression of an aspect of Frankenstein ‘s self : the monster is a sort of New Critical art object leading an apparently independent organic life of its own and yet irremediably and subtly 19 tied to its creator , re- enacting in mildly disguised ways , his creator ‘s feelings and experiences (Levine . 1973

First of all , the benevolence and munificence is a substantial feature of Frankenstein and the development of the story depicts that monster also possesses such personality traits of kindness and humanity . His friends admire Frankenstein , the ship captain , who rescues him from the ice floe and even the monster as testify that Frankenstein is a benevolent person full with the milk of human kindness . Sea captain Walton refers him as fallen angel who is still graceful in his devastation and says “What a glorious creature must he have been in the days of his prosperity ” again writes Walton “when he is thus noble and godlike in ruin (Shelley .

.210 . He greatness lies in the fact that he is revered by his worst enemy who describes him as “Oh Frankenstein ! Generous and self-devoted being ! what does it avail that I now ask thee to pardon me (Shelley .

.219 . His evils and malevolencies do not mar his good characteristics and tendencies . Same is the case with monster that although he is often understood as a savage devoid of any human tendency but in reality , he is as benevolent and kind as his creator , Victor Frankenstein . George Levine (1973 ) says in this regards , There is no evidence in the early stages of anything essentially evil in the mon- 24 ster , and on the strength of his own narrative six chapters later , it is clear that the monster , like Frankenstein himself , was full of benevolence and affection . His only crime is his ugliness , and this is entirely the work of Frankenstein who has been careless in his haste of creation . The monster is evil not because of what he intrinsically is , but because of the consequences of Frankenstein ‘s obsession with… [banner_entry_footer]

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