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Friendship and Loss in Gilgamesh

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Friendship and Loss in Gilgamesh

During 2700 B .C , Gilgamesh was a historical the king of Uruk in Babylonia , on the river Euphrates in modern Iraq . As a king , he was praised as a ruler of great knowledge . He was also considered as two-third God and one-third man . He was also presented as the strongest king and human ever lived . It is also notable that he was very oppressive and harsh to his people . As per the story , his people calls out to the sky God Anu ‘ to help them in despair . Anu [banner_entry_middle]

‘ creates a wild man , Enkidu and places him out in the wild forest . But a woman Shamhat , a temple harlot , seduces Enkidu . This led to the loss his strength . To gain understanding and knowledge , Shamhat takes Enkidu with her to Uruk , to introduce him to the joy of civilization and to meet King Gilgamesh as she considers the king , the only man worthy of Enkidu ‘s friendship

Gilgamesh has two dreams warning him about a great force that has entered into Uruk , but his mother , Ninsun , tells him that Enkidu will help Gilgamesh in his deeds

Enkidu is introduced to the ways of human life while living with shepherds . He enters Uruk at a time when Gilgamesh is about to claim his royal right to spend the first night with every newly wed woman . Enkidu challenges this , and the two start to fight furiously . Gilgamesh wins over Enkidu and the two become friends

Gilgamesh suggests that the two new friends embark on an adventure traveling to Iran to cut down all the cedar trees . The challenge of this entails their first defeating Humbaba , the demon guarding the forest Enkidu tries to talk Gilgamesh out of this . The elders of Uruk Gilgamesh ‘s mother , and once again , Enkidu all try to convince Gilgamesh not to challenge Humbaba . Gilgamesh ‘s mother makes the sun god , Shamash promise to protect Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh and Enkidu set out for Iran . Gilgamesh prays to Shamash , and has ominous dreams at night . Enkidu interprets these as a promise of protection

At the point of arrival , Gilgamesh expresses his fear . But Shamash calls upon him to attack , since Humbaba is wearing only one of his 7 coats of armor . Enkidu wants to leave , and as Gilgamesh tries to stop him Humbaba comes out of the forest . Enkidu is now the braver of the two . He has to inspire Gilgamesh to join him against Humbaba . With the help of Shamash ‘s intervention , the two manage to defeat Humbaba

Gilgamesh forces Humbaba to his knees , but cannot decide whether to kill him . Enkidu tells him that if he does so , he will achieve widespread fame from the killing . Gilgamesh decapitates Humbaba , while simultaneously , Humbaba casts a curse on Enkidu , promising him a speedy death

Enkidu and Gilgamesh cut down the cedar forest , and float the trees on the Euphrates to Uruk . With his new fame , Gilgamesh is courted by the goddess Ishtar . But knowing the tragic fate… [banner_entry_footer]

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