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from cult to commerce: how celebrity public relations became big business

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From Cult to Commerce : How Celebrity Public Relations became Big Business


From Cult to Commerce : How Celebrity Public Relations became Big Business


Over time , celebrity public relations has developed into a big business both for the celebrities , on one hand , and for the products and people on the other hand , associated with them . The mass marketing and promotion of celebrities have developed into a large commercial industry , which extends beyond the world of filmmaking , theatre , music art , literature and other professions in which they achieved their fame [banner_entry_middle]

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Celebrities possess unique and critical advantages in achieving cross-promotion and interaction and identification across many communications and media outlets . Celebrity publicity campaigns not only promote the celebrities themselves , but also , if combined with , for example , an endorsement of a product , they can generate significant gains in sales revenue and profit for a commercial company

In this , the ascent of celebrity public relations into a viable and profitable business model is examined . Traditional public relations , as a sub-set of communications , and celebrity public relations , as a sub-set of public relations , are first defined and distinguished from each other . The concepts , influences and reasons for using of branding , audience exposure , consumer capitalism , mass media attention grabbing , and the AIDA model are examined in the context of celebrity public relations . Then , the inter-relationships of celebrity public relations with five other major forms of communications – advertising , promotion , marketing , publicity , and sales – are described and explained . Finally , the mutually re-enforcing aspects of celebrity public relations and the capitalism business model are explored , and reasons given why celebrity public relations as a big business will likely continue to grow

Communications , Public Relations and Celebrity Public Relations

Communications can generally be characterized as the flow of ideas and /or information among people . Communications in economic markets and governmental relationships may consist of six (6 ) major subsets advertising , promotion , marketing , publicity , sales (or spending , and public relations . Celebrity public relations is a sub-set of public relations

It is important to note at the outset that celebrity public relations can have as its raison d ‘etre several components : the marketing of the celebrity himself /herself to increase his income , improve his image enhance his marketability , announce his availability , etc the use of a celebrity to market a company ‘s products or services through promotional campaigns , personal use and endorsement , advertising , etc and also the use of a celebrity for governmental or charitable purposes , such as AIDS public awareness , anti-smoking , political , and pro-choice campaigns , and charitable fund raising . All of these different purposes can be mutually re-enforcing and supporting with maximum public exposure and income for the celebrity through an effective and well co-ordinated public relations effort

It is also important to note that the public following of a celebrity has a number of effects which are hard to quantify but apparently significant economic consequences . A celebrity ‘s attendance , visiting use or appearance at a hotel , restaurant , bar , residential area , etc can result in substantial economic benefits to… [banner_entry_footer]

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