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Future of China

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The Future of China

Under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping which started in 1978 , a series of reforms such as the encouragement of international trade and the entry of foreign capital investment led to an exceptional entry of China into the world market resulting to a boom in the Chinese economy . Deng Xiaoping ‘s policies aim to obtain large foreign exchange earnings , which would allow China to both modernize and become more independent (Hynes 1998 . Even after Deng Xiaoping ‘s death in 1997 , the economic reforms of China continued and is more [banner_entry_middle]

likely to be pursued such as can attested by the optimistic expectations of many analysts . In 2005 for example researchers and scholars of the China Centre for Modernization Research reported that the modernization process of the country will bring China to become an advanced developed country ‘ and to be in front of the world ‘s most industrialized countries ‘ by 2080 (Nei , 2005 . China ‘s emergence as a superpower in the future is not impossible given its ability to utilize its distinct assets and capacities

China ‘s Assets and Capacities

China ranks as the world ‘s most populated country . It has an estimated 1 . 3 billion people which comprises 22 percent of the population . While there have been efforts from the Chinese government to curb the exploding growth of their population , the enormous number of China ‘s populace still remains to be a significant factor that can bring China to a seat of power in the international arena . China ‘s population represents a huge market which makes the country a haven for those who aim to market their goods . The enormous number of Chinese consumers can also support domestic market to fuel the operation of China ‘s economy In addition to this , around 400 million of this populace constitutes the main labor force . This number is around 390 million more than the work force in the Western Europe (The Future of China

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The work force of China is also known for its cheap labor which lures foreign businesses to invest in the country . With cheap labor , investors can either sell their products more affordably or earn more from comparatively smaller investment in wages and salaries than they would have spent in other countries

As for the quality of education , the Chinese people are becoming more educated . In 1949 , for example , the illiteracy rate in China was more than 80 but in 1949 , it has decreased to a mere 6 .72 (An Overview The Chinese government has also acknowledged the importance of education in the advancement of science and technology . It is now a policy in Mainland China to have a nine year mandatory education and the country has been sending students abroad so as to be able to receive better training and learning . China ‘s growing concern for the quality of its education is also a significant factor that can be anticipated to boost the modernization of China . The quality of education that… [banner_entry_footer]

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