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Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Class -Canadian History

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Gender , Race , Ethnicity and Class -Canadian History

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Critical Book Review


This is a critical book review of the book : La Nouvelle France the making of French Canada : a cultural History written by Peter N Moogk . This book is said to be a great contribution to the French colonial History . Through his Moogk has proved that the New France is extremely different from the one that existed a decade ago

The book and issues of gender , race , ethnicity or class [banner_entry_middle]

p La Nouvelle France : the making of French Canada : a cultural History is described as a book which offers a clear insight to the reader to the history of France years before . There were issues of gender , race ethnicity and class among the people living there and Moogk has captured a clear picture of it and his book reflects upon it . Through his book Moogk has made an attempt to explicate the history French- Canada by describing the genesis of French-Canadian attributes such as social values and behavioral patterns . The matter of the book not only comprises of the detailed information about the history of French-Canada or the old France but it also includes dissertations about the issues of race , gender , ethnicity and class such as French-Amerindian relations the impact of French government institutions , the character of French exiles , and group and institutional loyalties . The initial chapters of the book inform the reader with exquisite and apparent details of the birth , growth , and development of French-Indian relationships in the colony . He discusses how the early Franciscan and Jesuit attempted to compel Algonquian and Huron peoples to accept Christianity as their religion . This Imposition gave rise to disputes on the issues of culture and religion , which did not favor a harmonious relationship between the natives and the immigrants . The natives did not fear the immigrants instead they had feelings of contempt and anger for them , which they showed frequently in different ways . The main dispute was based on the sensitive issues of race , culture , gender and neither of the two was ready to alter or give up their false beliefs

The content of `La Nouvelle France : the making of French Canada : a cultural History ‘ speaks forthright about the anguish and distress that existed in the historical relationship between the people of French and English-speaking Canada . It also includes a deep analysis of the colonial social institutions , values , and experiences that shaped modern French Canada . Moogk has depicted the Anglo-French cultural struggle to the seventeenth century through his writings and in this attempt he has been able to encounter a New France that is extremely different from the one that is seen in the history (Powell -Synopses Reviews

The book addresses the issues of gender , race , ethnicity and class as the main theme . The issues native people had feelings of hatred and contempt for the first white newcomers and did not fear them . The French relations with native Peoples were not engulfed… [banner_entry_footer]

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