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Gene One Problem Solution

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Problem Solution : Gene One

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Problem Solution : Gene One

The Gene One is a 400 million dollar company that starts at a small and now wants to grow big and will enter in to the market to be known . To go globally in the market they have to increase its annual rate to 40 percent make some strategy in marketing and develop new lines of products . However , along the way the company fails to realize the limitation of his [banner_entry_middle]

team . There are requirements necessary before going to IPO . Now start of some issue regarding on this that affects relationship of individual

The issues are so important to focus like the qualification of the board that questionable because of lack of experienced in the field of accounting and this is necessary to the requirement of Sarbanes-Oxley Acts (SOA . The infrastructure implementation , never implemented in the Gene One company is needed to precede the plans . The management and employee relationship the issue in going to IPO never discuss thus creating tension inside the company . The redefining of management position to run smoothly endangers other team leader . The financial issue needed in marketing and developing new products

The above are all the issues that need thorough thinking and serious decision . The research identifies opportunities for the company and the stakeholders concerns and the ethical dilemma that they are facing These also make problem statement to make a goal and vision realized The list of alternative solution was also cited and was rank accordingly . The alternative solutions was assisted and mitigated for the future occurrence of the problem . The optimal solution was also there to help Gene One realized the projects . The pull implementation of plan was also given importance the road map to success . The result was evaluated according to their qualitative and quantitative and how the company gains opportunity from the entice investor

Finally , the researcher gives her point of view the knowledge she have gain in doing the research

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The Gene One management wants to comply the demand in Biotechnology that the Wall Street cited to be fast growing . To established that the company is a strong competitor and has the leadership and organizational capabilities to succeed as a public entity . They also realize in coping the demand there must be a target of 40 percent annual growth . To be able to hit they will launch in the public within the next three years .In addition , the Gene One is going to implement IPO to have additional capital for the new development , advertisement , and marketing to remain successful . However , no Board members experience in serving with the CFO or CPA in a firm . To comply the (SOA ) the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to proceed in developing the company . The players , Charles Jones who fail to implement marketing infrastructure . These need to implement for the company to prepare in going to public . Management /employee relationship that fail… [banner_entry_footer]

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