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Geography (Argument Essay)

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The Melting Pot : Existence and Co-Existence

Throughout the history of the United States , there have been time periods where high levels of immigration occurred . While there is incredible diversity among the immigrant people , the reasons these people opted to immigrate to the United States generally fell into three categories : 1 ) To reunite with family members who are or have become US citizens 2 ) To escape of all 3 ) To search for greater economic opportunities

Whatever their individual reasons for coming to America , when those immigrants who arrived in the late 1800 ‘s [banner_entry_middle]

/early 1900 ‘s from Europe , they all unilaterally assimilated into a Melting Pot ‘ where all cultures were absorbed into the traditional American structure that existed before they arrived . Today , as new waves of immigrants arrive in America from Asia and Latin America , the Melting Pot ‘ has dissolved as the pressure to assimilate into America and divorce from the culture of the homeland no longer exist as assimilation is no longer required for economic stability . So , those members of the traditional Melting Pot ‘ remain , but the new immigrants do not join it , but co-exist side by side with it

The attitude towards immigrants who arrives from Europe in the late 1800 ‘s /early 1900 ‘s was best summarized by former President Teddy Roosevelt when he essentially said : You can come to America , but you have to be an American ‘ In other words , accept the fact that America societal norms that would not cater to a foreign culture and immigrants and also accept existing on the outskirts of American society


The reason for this : a specific place ‘ in society designated for the immigrants was clearly defined and would not be altered for accommodation purposes . Be it the Chinese who worked the railroads , the Italians who worked the docks , or even the African-Americans who worked in the factories during the Great Migration , a specific place was designed for the immigrants to occupy based on a need for cheap labor as opposed to any real welcoming of immigrant assimilation into American culture

This was further compounded by the fact that millions of citizens in the United States did not want the immigrants in the first place

As immigration from Europe and Asia neared its crest in the late 19th

century , anti-immigrant sentiment soared along with it . The U .S . was in

the grips of an economic depression , and immigrants were blamed for taking American jobs . At the same time , racialist theories circulated in the press , advancing pseudo scientific theories that alleged that Mediterranean

types were inherently inferior to people of northern European heritage

Drawings and songs caricaturing the new immigrants as childlike criminal

or subhuman became sadly commonplace (Anon

Because of this , immigrants needed to schism from their cultural identity and roots and acquiesce into a melting pot ‘ environment where they would abandon their original cultural heritage and become part of the pre-existing American culture so as to distance them from the limitation imposed… [banner_entry_footer]

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