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Chapter 1

Geology is a very important subject in science and for the purpose of this study we would begin by looking at basic things in Geology . Let us first of all define Geology . Geology is the study of the Earth , its processes , its materials , its history , and its effect on humans and life in general . Rocks , crystals , mountains , earthquakes , volcanoes , rivers glaciers , landslides , floods , and many other subjects fall into this broad field of research . Geologists perform a wide range of important services for our civilization : they determine the [banner_entry_middle]

stability of building sites , find abundant supplies of clean water , search for valuable deposits of natural resources such as iron , coal , and oil , and they also try to minimize the threat to communities at risk from geologic hazards

Let ‘s now look at some basic components in geology . As Geology is the study of the Earth , Its materials , its history , it would be important to look at Minerals and what there are made of , Rocks and the rocks cycle Earth layers and moving plates , fossils and earth history . So lets begin with Minerals and what there are made of Minerals are the building blocks of rocks . They are non-living , solid , and , like all matter , are made of atoms of elements there are many different types of minerals and each type is made of particular groups of atoms . The atoms are arranged in a network called a crystal lattice . The lattice of atoms is what gives a mineral its crystal shape Different types of minerals have different crystal shapes . Most minerals can grow into crystal shapes if they have enough space as they grow . But there are often so many different crystals growing in the same little area that they all compete for space and of the crystals is able to grow very large

It would be important to look at types of geology .Hydrogelogy the branch of geology that deals with the occurrence , distribution of ground water . Geophysics the study of the earth and its environment Geochemistry the study of composition and alterations , of solid matter of the earth or a celestial body , the study of the chemical composition of the earth of the actual or possible changes , in the crust of the earth .Oceonography the exploration and the scientific study of oceans and its phenomena . Paleontology the study of the forms of life and its existing prehistoric or geologic times as represented by fossils of plants animals and other organisms . Petrology is the branch of geology that deals with origin , composition and structure of rocks . Petroleum geology is the economic branch of geology that deals with the occurrence and exploitation of oil and gas . Sedimentary geology is the branch of geology relating to rocks and deposition of sediments . Structural geology is a branch of geology relating to the structure of rocks and other aspect of the earth crust

It was however important to look at the various aspects of geology as this would give us a broad… [banner_entry_footer]

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