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Ginny and Oliver

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At the beginning of the tale Ginny and Oliver , apparently in the early stages of a relationship , are about to meet some friends of Oliver ‘s Ginny notices that he is handsome , though taken individually his features would probably have told a different story . She concludes in fact that they make a handsome couple . Ginny is resolved to make a good impression on his friends , so once she meets Marguerite and Herbert Crews , she shakes hands firmly with them , assents to their queries and agrees with their observations . Oliver pretends to have another [banner_entry_middle]

br engagement and tries to extricate himself from the meeting while the Crewses try to persuade Oliver to stick with at least a part of their plans . However , he is determined to leave

Subsequently , Herbert speaks of his work with an organization that has taken him to Nairobi , Kenya and the Crews ‘ relation of their international exploits defers Ginny and Oliver ‘s departure , much to Oliver ‘s frustration . He tries again and again to extricate himself from the situation , citing his upcoming engagement as his reason . Meanwhile the Crewses tell them about problems with the research Herbert has been conducting and species of exotic animals he encountered in Nairobi After leaving , it becomes apparent that their relationship was merely a farce , and Ginny seems regretful of having it come to an abrupt end

Ginny has a mind that hangs only very lightly on conversation . It often wanders to peripheral objects and situations – noticing and classifying such things as Marguerite ‘s severely black hair (Oates , 1984 ,

br 114 ) and discrepancies between Herbert ‘s describing himself as tired and his refreshed and invigorated `social ‘ manner (p . 115 . Ginny also demonstrates her tendency to introspect and yet to keep those thoughts hidden . This might perhaps be attributed to fear and a preoccupation with social correctness . One example of this is in her conversation with Herbert . She is distracted as she wonders about the propriety of asking him about the location of Nairobi . Another more poignant example comes at the end of the episode where she and Oliver part . She desires to see him beyond the evening , but does not venture to ask him . She also demonstrates her tendency to single out and analyse small words or gestures , such as Oliver ‘s comment You were lovely up there (Oates br

. 17 . Ginny pounces upon the word were ‘ and infers from this use of the past tense that Oliver means that she is no longer lovely ‘ now that the meeting has ended . This also constitutes another demonstration her tendency to notice and classify peripheral things

Oliver engages Ginny to accompany him as a partner at a meeting with his friends . This points toward some level of uncertainty in his character as it implies that he is unwilling or unable to handle being considered single and alone by these friends . In fact , insecurity seems to be a salient part of his character , and it shows in his demeanour and in his unwillingness to assert… [banner_entry_footer]

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