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Global Tradeing

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Global Trading

I . Introduction

Nowadays , we can witness and observed how each country struggles for economic dilemma . Even the most technologically advanced countries like the United States of America and European countries are not excused for such crises and continually searching for new approaches on how to cope with this . Global industries are really affected with this so-called economic instability and several of these industries are announcing their bankruptcy and presently closed because they are not able to manage and deal with the low demands in the market . The supply and [banner_entry_middle]

br demand depends on the economy of every country . However , the global industries never stop looking for new strategies and approaches in to make the economy more stable and able to compete with the world ‘s demands . This is where global trading comes in the scene . Global trading is also known as international trade . It is defined in Wikipedia as the exchange of goods and services across international boundaries or territories . Global trading stands for a substantial and significant share of GDP . Global trading has been in the scene throughout the years thus , globalization , outsourcing , industrialization , improved transportation , and multinational corporations have great impact (see International Trading . Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia . October 12 2006 . Moreover , Global trading involves importing , exporting and franchising of goods and products . Global trading may serve as a tool to make one ‘s economy more stable or not . And because of our advanced and enhanced technology , we can easily do business internationally . The internet is one of the effective means of advertising globally where we can have the chance to endorse our local products internationally and gain more profits if we have this access . But global trading always goes hand in hand with the local economy where products come from . Global trading may have positive or negative impacts to our local economy depends on the scenarios occurring . If we export our goods more frequently to other countries , surely our economy will boost up and increase . And because of this , job opportunities and hiring rates for jobs will also increase because of the in demand products exported thus , it will lessen the poverty rates . But if the citizens of our country are fond of imported goods and products and choose to purchase them instead of ours , it will cause a great negative impact to our economy . It will make our economy unstable and there are companies that will struggle to survive . Excessive support in imported goods , products or services may kill ‘ our own economy

The purposes of this study are to (1 ) understand why nations trade each other (2 ) know all about importing , exporting and franchising and (3 ) to be aware of the future of global trading

II . Discussion

Why nations trade with each other

There are many reasons why a country involves in global trading . Global trading happens because there is no nation that is absolutely neither self-contained nor self-sufficient . The consumers ‘ wants and needs in every part of the world are better served by… [banner_entry_footer]

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