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Global Warming

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When life first appeared on our planet it was possible only because the climate was friendly it was neither too hot nor too cold . The atmosphere , containing water vapor , carbon dioxide , and other components , acted like the glass panels of a greenhouse , letting the sun ‘s heat in but preventing some of it from escaping , thus warming the planet . If it were not for this greenhouse effect , temperatures at the earth ‘s surface would be far colder than they are , and life as we know it could not exist . Global warming has become [banner_entry_middle]

an issue of concern because of the fear that increasing greenhouse gases will cause the earth to warm so fast that nature and humankind may not be able to adapt to the rapid change . The view of global warming has developed over the past decade because of predictions of computer climate models Environmental organizations have taken up the cause and demanded political action . Among such organizations is U .S . Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) which defines several key facts that may have influenced the global warming and make certain assumptions related to evident and possible outcomes . Thus , atmospheric carbon dioxide CO 2 causes warming of the planet man ‘s activities are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide . The average temperature of the earth has increased approximately 0 .5 ?C (0 .9 ?F ) in the last 100 years . Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC ) projects that global temperature will increase another 1 .5 – 5 .8 ?C by sometime in the next century if we do not take drastic measures (EPA Global Warming , 2000 ) The predicted results of this warming include melting of the polar ice caps , flooding of coastal cities , massive extinction of species , and the deterioration of civilization as we know it . The issue of global warming first emerged when scientists became aware of the amount of carbon dioxide CO 2 being added to the atmosphere as a result of human activity . However there is much discordance as for the degree of human responsibility for the change . So should we be so concerned about the warming and how disastrous consequences can it cause

This is not the first time our planet faces global warming catastrophe The conditions very similar to nowadays ‘ caused the global crisis at the end of the Permian period , 250 million years ago . It has been estimated that 95 per cent of all species on Earth died out (Climate and the Carboniferous Period , 2003 ) What could have happened at the boundary of the Permian and Triassic periods to produce such wholesale devastation of life ? The answer emerging from recent research is disquieting , given our current environmental predicament : it seems that the greatest disaster in the history of life was brought about by the combined effects of global mixing and global warming . The evidence for elevated global temperatures at the end of the Permian is now overwhelming . Late Permian peaks in Antarctica and Australia were similar to those formed at such latitudes today . What happened to… [banner_entry_footer]

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