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global warming

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Global warming presents the greatest threat to the environment particularly the ocean . The increased uses of fossil fuel as well as the effects of greenhouse gases are responsible for the increase in Carbon Dioxide gas in our atmosphere which now threatens life on Earth . Our atmosphere does more than provide us with oxygen to breathe . But rather it controls the balance of heat in the planet . Although the atmosphere is comparatively low than that of the ocean , any changes that humans contribute to it can affect its delicate balance . Thus , the more [banner_entry_middle]

changes that occur in the atmosphere such as increased heat , the more that it affects the air on Earth , causing it to be warmer . And as we all know , the warmer the earth gets , the more likelihood that melting of ice caps and thermal expansion of water are going to occur

As most scientists agree , there is no doubt that the Earth is indeed heating up and in the last century , the average temperature has climbed to about 0 .6 degrees Celsius around the world . This in turn has led to the rise of oceans all over the world . Although the speed at which the ocean is rising may not particularly raise alarm and panic at its current state , nevertheless , the consequences of this particular phenomenon would still be catastrophic . Despite the long term global warming seen all over the world , scientists were also able to take note that oceans in the last three years have cooled down despite the dip in ocean temperature , the fact still remains that the average sea levels have continued to rise steadily . Even with a small sea level rise we ‘re going to destroy whole nations and their cultures that have existed for thousands of years (Lovgren

Scientists were able to create a series of maps that show how susceptible coastal cities and island countries are to the sea rising at different levels . One of the maps showed that a 1-meter rise of the sea level would swamp cities all along the U .S . eastern seaboard while a 6-meter sea level rise would submerge a large part of the state of Florida

Two factors can be attributed to the rise of global sea level rise First is the delivery of water to the ocean as land ice melts like the mountain glaciers and polar icecaps . As evidenced by the widespread retreat of glaciers all over the five continents . Take for instance about one-third of Mount Kilimanjaro ‘s ice field , the tallest peak in Africa has disappeared in the last 12 years while 82 percent of it has vanished since it was first mapped in 1912 . As scientists surmised , the ice cap on Mount Kilimanjaro may be gone in 20 years or so . It can also be noted that the sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is thinning as well the massive Antarctic ice sheets have collapsed into the sea rapidly

The second factor that paved the way for the rise in ocean… [banner_entry_footer]

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