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Global Warming-How serious is it

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Global Warming – How serious is it

Global warming has been and continues to be debated on whether it is a serious threat to the future of the planet or not . The debate is divided between those who believe that global warming having a catastrophic effect on the environment is for real and those who believe that it is nothing but a myth . Global warming , as has been defined in numerous studies , articles and journals , is basically the increase in the temperature of the earth ‘s atmosphere which is caused by the increase in [banner_entry_middle]

br greenhouse effect , which in turn is caused either by man-made activities or natural occurrences . Although there is a general consensus between the contesting parties that there is evidence of global warming in different parts of the world , what is disputed by both parties is its effect on the planet . And the debate begins there . On one hand are the believers , or those who argue that global warming , if not addressed properly , will wreak havoc to the planet in the form of diseases induced and frequent natural calamities due to climate shifts , and other negative impacts on the planet , advocate that global warming be taken seriously by concerned government agencies to minimize , if not to prevent these cataclysmic events from happening . On the other hand are the skeptics or those who dispute the arguments of the believers as having without conclusive scientific data and to some extent has claimed that global warming has , in fact , helped the planet in some ways

Climate change is a fact and without it the planet would be already in a deep freeze (Matthews , 2006 . According to some scientists , the greenhouse effect , in fact has helped the planet survive up to this time . Without human interference , the planet will not have survived the intense cold that would have occurred precisely because of non-interference by the human inhabitants . Left on its own , the earth would have long since regressed to its state 40 million years ago , and that is the Ice Age (Matthews , 2006 . But because of human activities , which the purists label as sin practices such as crop-planting , logging and burning of fuel oils and other biomass , the planet was able to survive another ice age . Human interference on the environment has boosted the levels of greenhouse gases which resulted in darkening the surface of the planet . This darkened state of the atmosphere increased the amount of sunlight trapped by the earth thereby averting another Ice Age effect on the planet . Global warming in effect , has saved mankind instead of what others claim that global warming is a threat to the survival of the human race (Matthews , 2006

It can no longer be ignored . Scientists claimed that global warming has caused the Columbia glacier to retreat seven miles , leaving calves of ice in its wake . Earth ‘s climate and weather pattern is shifting . The average temperature of the earth has risen by one degree Fahrenheit in the last 100 years . What is… [banner_entry_footer]

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