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Good and Bad Design

March 23, 2016 | Author: | Posted in technology, web design

As the example of poor designed website I ‘d like to present the following page HYPERLINK “http /www .sitecritique .net http /www .sitecritique .net . The objective of this website is to give evaluation to the sites of others , however , their own web need considerable improvement . There are several problems with the design of this page . Basing on Norman ‘s design principles I would like to consider the problem of site visibility in regards to the mentioned page . The creators of the page violated basic visibility principles according to which , as Norman states [banner_entry_middle]

, the user may receive help (Norman , 1988 , 8 The correct parts must be visible , and they must convey the correct message (Norman , 1988 , 4 ) The right things have to be visible , it should be obvious what parts of the site operate and how , how the user is to use that source . It is lack of visibility that makes this site so difficult to be navigated . The first thing which strikes the eye is that the text is so small as to be almost illegible . Furthermore , other pages offer more tiny text in very long lines . Due to the lack of clear-cut structure it is difficult to differentiate the ads present on the site and the elements of the site itself . And then when you succeed in finding what is ads you ‘ll see that it takes too much space of the page almost one third of it . Colors are poorly used on the page and for accompanying links . A crack-brained layout is not improved by unrelated advertisements

The second principle which seems to be violated in the design of the webpage is the principle of affordances . As Norman explains the term affordance refers to the perceived and actual properties of the thing primarily those fundamental properties that determine just how the thing could possibly be used (Norman , 1988 , 9 ) Looking at this page you can see two inscriptions [NEW USERS – START HERE] and [EXISTING USERS – LOGIN] which are supposed to be buttons , but , unfortunately , a viewer comes to understand that they are really buttons and have to be press only after some time spent learning the content of the page . The home page contains a lot of heading , which bring little information and are in fact , links but as with login ‘ and start ‘ buttons it ‘s difficult to guess at glance

As in contrast to the first website one can refer to a quietly humourous page of famous British writer Roald Dahl at HYPERLINK “http /www .roalddahl .com ” http /www .roalddahl .com . This site is the best example of the implementation of at least three Norman ‘s design principles , visibility , feedback and conceptual model . The page is designed perfectly in terms of visibility it contains a lot of moving pigs and whistles that takes your breath away . Each of these features is carefully thought up and as they emerge they evoke elation . What is more important , they don ‘t disturb general readability of the site . The vivid colors… [banner_entry_footer]

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