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Google company

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The Google-ization

The April 2005 issue of Time Magazine featured Larry Page and Sergey Brin , owners of Google , as among the 100 most influential people in the world . Lined among the great names of titans and builders , the Google founders were described to be passionate to change and committed to make the world ‘s information to people of all ages , nations , and culture

Google was founded in 1998 as an English search and engine . Everyone knows it has evolved

Google is now considered one of the most powerful forces in the market [banner_entry_middle]

br to reckon with . The basic secret to the search engine ‘s success is its simplicity . The uncluttered look of the site has been its advantage over its primary rivals Yahoo ! and MSN

The young enterprise has employed a lot of people , the company making sure that they are the best and brightest in their field of specialty According to Marissa Meyer , vice president for search product and use experience , Google encourages risk taking and see the best of their products survive . Google also loves to launch their products as early and as often as they can ( So much fanfare , so few hits , 2006

Analysts have noticed that the Google intimidation factor is short lived . The new launched products of Google don ‘t change the habits of the users , meaning , they still go for the competitors ‘ products with the stickiness ‘ factor . For example , Google Talk which is the instant messaging service launched by the company in August 2005 just has a 2 share of the market . This is way far from the performance of MSN according to ComScore Media Metrix

The email service of Google , G-mail , offering the biggest storage space compared to other mail servers before have been caught up by its competitors

There has been internal debate on how to deliver users to the new product . Tab number issues have been argued on since 2001 . The company decided to push the users to create personalized home pages which will feature the other products promoted by the company . To avoid the clutter , the user will have their pages

With all the weak points pointed out by analyst , the 120 Billion valuated Google still rules over everyone in the search market . The business is expected to grow 30 to 40 per year . Google , of course , has all the means to lift its visibility and functionality of its products ( So much fanfare , so few hits , 2006

In the March 2003 article of Amy Campbell for Web Globalization News she relates that Google has more than 200 million queries a day from all over the globe . Through the years , the searches have increasingly been from different languages . The market is on watch for the Chinese market which is certain to expand with a billion Chinese speaking people worldwide . The German and Arabic market are also monitored with 100 million and 200 million speakers , respectively

Byte Level Research has named Google as the best global website for two consecutive years , 2004 and… [banner_entry_footer]

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