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Gospel of Judas

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The Gospel of Judas – Its Exclusion from the New Testament Canon

On April 9 (2006 , the National Geographic made public the exclusive television program on the Gospel of Judas . Regrettably , the special was beneath the standard in its scholarly account of both sides of the case on the authority of the New Testament Gospels as well as the Gospel of Judas . It did not present expert opposing proofs next to its liberal and erroneous propositions concerning the creation of the New Testament canon . The program fell short miserably to effectively deal with the [banner_entry_middle]

br establishment of the New Testament Canon , how the gospels were arrived at , how we recognize who wrote them , and when they were written , etc which was extremely disappointing . One of the failures was that the National Geographic program had a “scholar ” who declared that most experts have the same opinion that the earliest gospels weren ‘t written until around 60 A .D . But , the problem here is that no validation was presented for this judgment . Secondly , the internal evidence in the Gospels and the book of Acts disagrees with the statement . The book of Acts was written by Luke long after he wrote the Gospel of Luke . Acts is a history of the early Christian church and it does not include the accounts of “Nero ‘s persecution of the Christians in A .D . 64 or the deaths of James (A .D . 62 , Paul (A .D . 64 , and Peter (A .D . 65 . An additional matter is on the subject of Gnosticism which was not appropriately represented . Gnosticism basically states that God cannot happen to be incarnate . The TV show proposed that gnostics were Christians , but this cannot be since they deny one of the indispensable principles of the Christian faith , which was also ingrained in the Old Testament (Zech . 12 :10 . John the apostle who wrote 1 John dealt with the early development of Gnostic thought in Chapter 4 when he criticized and denounced those as antichrists who denied that Jesus had “come in the flesh ” The National Geographic botched miserably to represent Christian theology and in its place failed to soundly present Gnosticism , attempting to make it look as if the present Christian theological system was merely the result of political coincidence . It is with serious approach then that this is going to be presented For countless individuals , and all too many scholars , this has impelled endless hours of analysis , discussion , and debate . For those who are already susceptible to doubt the Word of God , it will be another pretext to call the canonical (biblical ) gospels into doubt and grounds for gullible people to reassess the genuineness of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ . Pseudopigrapha writings have been around for hundreds of years even during apostolic times . These have been the so-called lost books of the Bible . Actually , there are no lost books in the bible because the completeness and authenticity of all the New Testament books have been already firmly established (Christian Apologetics Research… [banner_entry_footer]

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