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Government of England

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Explain the influences of geography and history on British politics

British political system , as compared to the other world systems , is unique : the British lacks a written constitution . British political system is distinguished by an enduring political consensus , that is , a spontaneous agreement on what is authoritative in government : how the rulers are to be selected , laws made and other related things –a fact that may itself explain why the British have not found it necessary to codify their constitutional views in a formal constitution . Again , only Britain has a government that [banner_entry_middle]

can trace its pedigree through centuries of gradual development

In case with Britain the influence of geography on government is obvious as no great learning is required in to apprehend the importance of the fact that Great Britain is an island . A traditional connection with the sea has for long centuries influenced , and continues to influence the British way of looking at things . The isolation of an insular position has been largely responsible for a feeling of relative security . Though , in its early history , it was often overrun , it has not in any real sense been invaded since the Norman Conquest . Perhaps the simplest way of viewing the connection between geography and government is in terms of securing good life by the state . Serious effort to make life good must assume a certain relative stability , a certain minimum of security . The insular position of England has been responsible for the fact that England has developed the governmental institutions and principles which seem best adapted to furthering the good life

From the historical standpoint up until the time of the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century , it was Britain ‘s revolutionary history that defined its political tradition the British had a reputation as a politically volatile people inclined to rebellion In the 17th century Britain was a pretty bloody place . Nor has the modern period been without its instances of turbulence like Irish Question or support of American policy in Iraqi War . Or another example when the countries of Europe emerged from the Second World War with the belief that the nation state system had failed , requiring new political institutions to be built , Britain believed instead that it had triumphed . But Britain avoided other major clashes to ensure several centuries of ly political evolution and continuity . In the modern period (since the French Revolution , although Britain has also felt the force of the battles over nationhood , rights , freedom , democracy , and class that have shaped the modern history of Europe , it avoided an experience of decisive rupture . Without experiencing the consequence of revolutionary moment , Britain was not compelled to remake its political institutions , draw up a new constitution , or decide what kind of state it wanted to be . It just went on being what it was . This might be seen as a peculiar luck but it is a fundamental fact about British politics

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