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Government Responsibility in Aviation Safety

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Government Responsibility in Aviation Safety

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Aviation industry in the US has witnessed huge loss in the past few years . The reason has been attributed to the weaknesses in its safety and security . Aviation safety is always in the mind of people who prefer to travel by air . It has been noticed that the governments did little to restore the faith of people in aviation system . It is the responsibility of the government to take adequate measures for providing a safe journey to [banner_entry_middle]

the passengers . After the terrorist attacks on September 11 , 2001 security has become the prime concern . Everyone has realized that the government can ensure aviation safety only by strengthening its aviation security system

This research will provide a brief about the US aviation industry and the problem it is facing today . It will also discuss the government policies and the role of the FAA in maintaining aviation safety . It will then provide insight into the government ‘s role and responsibility in maintaining safety and security of aviation system . Issues such as security concerns , intelligence , recommendations made by the 9 /11 Commission , new legislations and aviation safety will be discussed thoroughly . Mechanical aspects of aviation safety will also be given due consideration with the emphasis on pilot training , ATC facilities and successful aircraft designing . Finally , a conclusion will be provided based on the factual information and analysis


The US aviation industry is a national asset that directly impacts the US economy . The air transportation system in the US is linked to national security . The production of aircraft and aviation products generate huge revenue for the country . Also , tourism in the US is heavily dependant on the growth of aviation industry . As the future of the US aviation industry is directly related to the economic prosperity of the nation , it has become the responsibility of the government to take effective steps to ensure the safety and security of aviation system . After the September 11 attack , there is a big question mark on the safety of aviation system in the US . It has put a challenge before the government to take up the responsibility and manage it well

The US Aviation Industry

The aviation industry has always been considered as one of the strong and prosperous industries in the US . The September 11 , 2001 terrorist attacks brought a fundamental shift in the perception of American people about national security . They realized that aviation security is an integral part of national security . The government also felt the need to revamp the security system in to provide effective defense shield to its aviation industry (Abeyratne , 2002

The aviation industry in the US was worst affected in the wake of September 11 tragedy . The government was forced to shut down the airline system to avoid any security hazards . The US had to bear a huge financial loss which came in excess of 330 million per day for the duration of the stoppage . It… [banner_entry_footer]

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