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Guelwaar – 1hr, 54 minutes (1992) *MOVIE

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Released in 1992 , Guelwaar is the name of the movie directed by Africa ‘s one of the best-known filmmaker , Ousmane Sembene . This is the seventh film of Sembene , who has so much to say about the contemporary Africa that you emerge from it with a sense of understanding from every corner of the society . Guelwaar ‘ is the name of a man who is dead at the beginning of the film . Guelwaar is a political activist and catholic figurehead . About . The general impression among the public is that he was a peace [banner_entry_middle]

loving person but politically he was active unto the extent that he was a district leader of Senegal who used to make fiery speeches against the foreign aid and its attendant corruption Guelwaar ‘ is in fact the story of his funeral . As the news of his death spreads , his family gathers . The older son flies home from France a daughter who works as prostitute returns from Dakar and the youngest son is still in the village . Then there is a problem . His disappears from morgue

Sembene uses this disappearance , and the search for the body , to tell us a story about modern Senegal , which is a former French colony on the west coast of Africa , with a population of about 8 million . In the district where the story takes place , the majority of people is Islamic but there are a good number of Roman Catholic minorities , including Guelwaar family . At first it is suspected that the body has been snatched by members of fetishistic cult but later on it is found that the body of Guelwaar has been confused with a dead Muslim and has already been buried in the Islamic cemetery

There are three interrelated stories in the film . The first detective story – about the corpse – reveals the deep religious hostilities in the country . When it ‘s discovered that his body was , due to an administrative blunder buried in an Islamic graveyard , the dead Muslim ‘s people refuse to ‘desecrate ‘ the cemetery , and return the body

Most of the movie is taken up with the stand-off of the two peoples in which blind intransigence quickly gives way to a violence which is only neutered when the army are called in . it is unclear whether this is a justification for military visibility – the chief policeman is one of the few sane , non-corrupt characters in the film . Much is made of the irony that each clan proclaims the authenticity of a religion originating thousands of miles away

The second detective story – who killed Guelwaar – again takes the narrative away from the local . It is clear that Guelwaar was a threat to local and international interests , both politically and religiously – at a ceremony celebrating the receipt of foreign aid , he delivers an incendiary speech denouncing his country ‘s craven dependence on others It is hard to disagree – of the strong men in the area seem to do any work , the lands remain un harvested civic dignitaries line their pockets… [banner_entry_footer]

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