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guided interview older adults

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Running head : Guided Interview

Guided Interview – Written Assignment

10 /09 /2006

Plans /Arrangements for Conducting Interview

Background Information

My grandmother AK is a 77-year-old Korean-American woman . She was born in China during World War II . After the war , she moved to the South Korea with her family . She was the youngest child in the seven siblings Her father was a solider who fought for the national independence with Japan during WWII . Her mother was a housewife and stayed at home for raising the children . She grew up in a strict [banner_entry_middle]

household , where love was shown in actions more than words . As a result , her childhood played a great role in making her the woman she would become

She is thoughtful , passionate and very polite with people . She is a divorcee with three children . She currently lives with her oldest son in a three bed room apartment . She is very actively involved with her church and enjoys the activities that the church provides to senior citizens . I chose to interview her because she always seeks to influence the lives of her children , grandchildren and those around her . She is a strong and positive woman . Sometimes people wonder whether someone in their senior years can really make a difference in our fast-pace world where those who are considered of little use are considered of little value and pushed to the sidelines . My grandmother is a clear example of firmness that portrays that age and health need no barriers for changing lives . She also loves to tell stories , and her stories have meanings That is why I asked her to be my interviewee

I interviewed her in two sessions Oct 2 , 2006 and Oct 7 , 2006 . It was a phone interview since she lives in California – the permission was obtained through the phone . My goal for the interview was to help implementing positive attitudes and images toward healthy aging by appreciating her life experiences

Becca R Levy , Yale University professor , recently published the result of a study entitled Hearing decline predicted by elder ‘s stereotype (Levy . This study shows that social environments particulate to stereotype people are exposed to and hold can affect physiological and health outcome of elders . I wanted to promote a positive image of aging to my grandmother . Since my grandmother always likes to tell stories , I let her select the stories that she would like to tell me and listened to it very carefully and actively

of Interview Process

Explanation of Plans Implemented

I picked Saturday for the interview because she is normally free on that day and does not have any activities . All the arrangements were carried out as per the plan . For her convenience , I also asked her to give me the most suitable time for the interview she gave me 8 AM as she believes that she thinks better in the early part of the day

Describe Interview Questions Actually Used With Rationale

I asked her to select stories , which she would like to talk… [banner_entry_footer]

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