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Hamlet essay

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Unit 2 Essay


Based on the reading it seems Hamlet is very upset with the fact his mother has married his Uncle in haste who was the brother of the King There are many lines through out this soliloquy that have many tell tale signs into Hamlets current state as a character in the play . For instance , in line 135 Fie on ‘t , ah fie ‘Tis an unweeded garden this line basically goes in to some depth about how he feels about his mother being immoral in [banner_entry_middle]

a sense for the simple fact she didn ‘t think her action through and just went on a whim so to speak in terms of marrying Claudius . Another line that stands out is line 138 But two months dead – nay , not so much , not two ‘ this line gives some sort of time frame to how long Hamlet ‘s father has been deceased although it doesn ‘t really show much into how Hamlet is feeling , if one were to examine it more closely they would see Hamlet is seething with rage that his own mother basically didn ‘t even wait until her husband was cold in the ground before pursuing Claudius

In addition to the above lines , there are even more lines in the soliloquy that give a glimpse into Hamlets thoughts . For example , line 151 Would have mourned longer ! – married with my uncle ‘ says quite a bit about his thoughts , he seems to be dwelling on the time factor still from when his father died until his mother Gertrude married his unlce Its almost as if , Hamlet is obscessed with the time factor and he seems to not be able to let go of it , almost like he is planning some form of revenege . Some readers , might suggest differently .Lorenzo 2

Furthermore , here is another example of Hamlets thoughts , line 153 Than I to Hercules . Within a month ‘ this line right here basically is refering to Claudius as being actually not Hercules but being that of a weakling because he pushed himself on to Queen Gertrude . Another way to examine this line , is it gives the reader a even closer clue to just how long Hamlet Sr was buried after Gertrude married Claudius , which was one month . I find this thought of Hamlets to be one of shock and surprise because the way he states it , it actually sounds like he is just blown away by the fact his mother would do such a dishonorable act upon his father

In addition , lines 154 , 155 , and 156 She married . O most wicked speed , to post ‘ :With such dexterity to incestuous sheets ‘ the first line goes right back to Hamlets basically rambling on about how his mother married to quickly and he seems to be consumed by this issue Line 155 could be taken as his mother is committing incest but this really isn ‘t the case because Hamlets uncle is not related to Queen Gertrude by blood but… [banner_entry_footer]

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