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Hell`s Kitchen

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New York City will not be New York City without Hell ‘s Kitchen . Also known as Clinton and Mid West for New Yorkers , Hell ‘s Kitchen is actually a neighborhood in the city that never sleeps that includes roughly the area between 34th and 57th streets , from 8th Avenue to Hudson River . And judging from its history , Hell ‘s Kitchen can be aptly described as a diamond in the rough

In studying the history of this particular neighborhood , one cannot [banner_entry_middle]

isolate one facet of development from the rest . For purposes of this , we will focus on the commercial development that took place within Hell ‘s Kitchen as well as nearby areas and will slightly touch on its immigration history since these two areas are intimately related

Brief History of the Neighborhood ‘s Commercial Development

According to Wikipedia , Hell ‘s Kitchen has figured quite prominently in the New York Underworld , especially in Irish-American organized crime circles . Starting out as the hometown of the poor and the working class Irish Americans , the neighborhood has grown to become one of the most famous neighborhoods in New York City -also mainly because of its proximity to upper end Manhattan

If there in one thing common about the Hell ‘s Kitchen ‘s history and that of the United States in general , it would be the fact that its beginnings were initiated by the tide of immigration

According to the website of Hell ‘s Kitchen History , it was way back in the 17th century when the first settlers of Hell ‘s Kitchen arrived in New York City . These were no less than the Dutch , where they found on what is now midtown ‘s west side and which they called back then as Bloemendael or Vale of Flowers

A number of decades later , between the periods of 1841 to 1851 , the move of Hudson River railroad to set up a station in the area sprung forth major changes -primarily the migration of Irish and German immigrants to the area . These immigrants -majority of which were from Ireland who fled their country due to the Great Potato Famine )-worked in the construction of the railroad yard . Thus , with the height of industrialization in New York City , these immigrants also became the workers in breweries on the West Side as well as factories , warehouses and slaughterhouses . By the start of the Civil War , the population of Hell ‘s Kitchen soared to over 350 ,000 , and that population was housed primarily in rows of tenements that were hastily erected amid the slaughterhouses and factories (Hell ‘s Kitchen History , 1995

By the late 17th century , the website of the Hell ‘s Kitchen history noted that 36th Street to 59th Street west of 9th Avenue was a seething mix of tenements and factories . So much so that by the year 1879 , an ordinance mandated an improved tenement design incorporating airshafts on each side of a building , giving it a dumbbell… [banner_entry_footer]

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