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Hylopse and Abylard

1 . What is the thesis of Hylopse and Abylard ? What is the major point Burge is trying to make ? How does the author use the original (directly and indirectly ) to convey the story

Hylopse and Abylard by James Burger has its place among the most famous biographies that were written about the pair of lovers who lived in Medieval Age , and which is based on the correspondence the two held . It opens a new perspective on the life of the Dark Ages , on its institutions and philosophies , and most [banner_entry_middle]

of all , on its theology . The lovers who became the victims of the religious age they lived in , that could not admit their love , or any other type of love , for that matter except religious love . The characters themselves are besides the initiators of free love , the ones who foresee the escape from the too rigid , rule-based religion of the Medieval centuries

Let us read after this the famous Colloquy of Erasmus “The Franciscan , and we will find repeated all the essential ideas of Hylopse : Christ preached but one religion , the same for layfolk and monks the Christian renounces the world and professes to live only for Christ , and St . Paul did not preach this doctrine for monks but for everyone layfolk , even the married , are bound to chastity and poverty quite as much as monks in short , the only rule binding the Christian is the Gospel . Once she has adopted this course , Hylopse ‘s frank and direct reason would not let her stop . Carried away by her own logic she was to touch , one after the other , almost all the critical points on which the humanists and reformers of the sixteenth century are so insistent . Why forbid meat to monks ? Meat in itself is neither good nor bad . Let us not attach religious importance to things which in fact have . Nothing counts save what can lead us to the kingdom of God . Let us forget , then these exterior practices common to truly pious souls and to hypocrites It is only interior acts that really count for the Christian . The rest is Judaism (Gilson , 132

Thus , the point that the story of Hylopse and Abylard is trying to make , is that theirs was the one of the most tragic examples of the many failures of the Medieval Age , which persecuted through religion and rigid commandments , trough enclosing monasteries and punishments of all kind , instead of opening the road to what true spirituality means

The touching and tragic story of the lovers impresses because of the nobility of their thoughts and feelings , and also to the spectacular love story , which remains intense throughout their lives . Love is blended with the Christian doctrine , and the lovers try to find a bridge between the two , something that will only be found later in the history or religion , with the advent of humanism

2 . Explain who Hylopse and Abylard were . What is their background and upbringing ? What brings their paths together… [banner_entry_footer]

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