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Henry Fayol

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The first principle of administration that Henry Fayol points out is the unity of command , a single , unitary voice coordinating , setting the trending and defining the operational response of the organization Today ‘s global business environment , challenging and continuously dynamic , requires more than such a unity , it requires a flexibility that can allow individual business units to produce the appropriate responses in different situations . This by no means would be equivalent to the fact that Fayol ‘s views are outdated . Unity in strategic vision , unity in defining strategic objectives and strategic plans [banner_entry_middle]

by which these objectives can be reached are still fundamental and we find Fayol ‘s principles as actual as ever , but we often find companies choosing decentralization over centralization as the best way to compete

On the other hand , a hierarchical transmission of s and , even more than this , a well-organized mechanism of control that will ensure the supervision that the s passed down are respected and applied , is still essential in the company . Such a mechanism is likely to ensure that the managerial vision is passed down with the employees

Things like planning and , sustained by Fayol , are also very active nowadays . Executive managers define targets and strategic objectives and implement the means by which these can be reached . Following the strategic vision of the organization , they create the plans under which these objectives are likely to be successfully achieved . The concept of ` ‘ has probably less the strict meaning it had in Fayol ‘s time and is more applied towards a certain organization in the activity of the company , towards ensuring that the activities are properly sorted out impacting the strategic objectives


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