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heredity vs environment

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Nature versus Nurture : Which is More Influential to Our Life Traits

It is a fact of life that we are products of heredity and environment But in the debate of which has more influence in our life traits , I would say it would be the environment , or the nurture ‘ aspect of our development

In the study of development , nature refers to inherited (genetic influences on growth and functioning . Some inherited characteristics appear in virtually everyone . For instance , almost all children have natural talents for upright locomotion (walking , running , etc language , imitation [banner_entry_middle]

, and the use of simple tools . Other inherited characteristics differ from one individual to another : these include stature , physical appearance , and athletic ability . In some studies psychological traits as temperament (e .g , the tendency to be shy instead of outgoing , aggression , and intelligence may also be partly influenced by genetics (Petrill Wilkerson , 2000

On the other hand , nature ‘s partner is nurture , the influence of factors in human environments . Nurture includes the effects of family peers , schools , neighborhoods , culture , the media , the broader society and the physical environment . Nurture affects children ‘s development through multiple channels – physically through nutrition and activity intellectually through informal experiences and formal instruction socially through adult role models and peer relationships

Historically , Francis Galton was the first to introduce the phrase nature versus nurture ‘ and although he clearly favored the former as an explanation of human behavior , he had little direct evidence to support his bias . Nevertheless , Galton ‘s contributions , admittedly with substantial subsequent modification , are those still used today for studying heredity , and hence the role of genes , in human populations . He was also among the first to recognize that the offspring of parents representing one extreme or the other of a given trait within a population tend to be more like the average for the population than do their parents . This reversion to the mean ‘ led Galton to doubt for awhile the possibilities of selective breeding as a means of altering human phenotypes . Galton was also the first to recognize the unique possibilities offered by the study of twins in matters relating to human genetics , although he never really pursued this possibility . By the end of his studies Galton was convinced that most human traits are indeed heritable . Although contemporary scientists would be unlikely to find his results compelling in terms of the data he had at hand , his various publications on the subject stimulated others to take up where he had left off (Cary 2004 ,

. 227

No doubt that nature and nurture are inextricably intertwined in their effects on human development . While theorists continue to debate the relative influences of nature and nurture , people usually manage to combine these forces skillfully and naturally . For example , imagine an adolescent girl who is growing rapidly , thanks to genetic instructions activated by puberty (nature she is also fueled by tasty meals prepared by her parents and extended family (nurture . She is less inclined to be athletic compared to many of her peers (nature… [banner_entry_footer]

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