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high school athletics

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When I opened my eyes , I couldn ‘t believe the night had finally passed it seemed like my dreams were becoming reality until I was blinded by the first rays of the sun peeking through my blinds . There was one thing on my mind : winning . I couldn ‘t wait to meet the team at the field to talk about our strategies for playing the defending championship team . As quickly as possible I got ready I put on my uniform and tied back my hair . Closing my eyes to picture myself hitting the game [banner_entry_middle]

winning homerun , I smiled . Then I threw my gear into my bat bag and started to run out the door , but before the latch clicked , my mother called , Did you finish your book report last night

Of course mom and it ‘s darn good too ! Probably another A

Okay , good job ! Now use that attitude on the field today ! Good luck see you there

Many parents believe education is the most important element in young developing lives however , participating in activities other than simply attending class and finishing homework are also very important . Everyday young adults face the many challenges of surviving a day at high school such as popularity , peer pressure and tough homework assignments Although the stress is inevitable , one way to avoid it is to participate in athletics . Being involved with high school athletics taught me not only to be a better student , but also how to manage my time more efficiently in everyday life . Perhaps the most important factor that athletics can provide for a young adult is greater success academically . Often times , students who do not realize they can be great in classroom are given the confidence boost they need on the athletic field by a coach or a mentor within the athletic world . There are so many subjects in school , and most students are not comfortable in each and every one , sometimes resulting in poor grades . I had always been strong in the subjects like English and History , but one subject that I could not get a handle on was Math . I was afraid to ask my teacher for help because the other students seemed to understand it so easy and I did not want to be embarrassed . Finally , after softball practice one day , I asked my coach to help me with a homework assignment I was struggling with . My coach , who was more dedicated to education than anyone else I knew , was happy to help . From that day forward , whenever I had a math assignment that I didn ‘t quite get , he would help me out by turning the problem that was on into a situation I would face on the field . I got better in my game on the field and , I was able to overcome my fear of Math . My coach never gave me the answers directly nor did he help me take my tests in the classroom . I was able to gain the confidence I needed… [banner_entry_footer]

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