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“Hills Like White Elephants.”

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Hills Like White Elephants

In the short story Hills Like White Elephant , Hemingway unveils important problems of life , family values and decision to make an abortion . Hemingway observes and records human ‘s behavior and actions of people faced with moral and ethical problems . The use of an objective narrator and the choices of settings and objects support the situation and shape the atmosphere in the story . Thesis Hemingway skillfully uses settings , dialogue and symbolism to develop the story conflict

Using specific settings , Hemingway depicts psychological and emotional state of the characters [banner_entry_middle]

. The main setting is a bar by a train station It is possible to assume that the train station symbolizes future changes in lives of both heroes . The American and the girl with him sat at a table in the shade , outside the building (Hemingway Dark ‘ colors usually means evil , loosing hopes and disappointment and more important life and death . Hemingway depicts this situation metaphorically : the American and the girl are sitting in the shade trying to find the right decision to their problem . Following David Wyche interpretation , The station is situated between two sets of rails , whose significance lies “in their figurative implications (Renner 34 cited Wyche , and between two contrasting landscapes that symbolize the couple ‘s options (Wyche , 2002 ,

. 56 . It is associated with one or another of the main thought-feelings of the story : abortion verses a new life

To some extent , the use of settings reflects inner state of the characters and moral dilemma they are faced with . They sat down at the table and the girl looked across at the hills on the dry side of the valley and the man looked at her and at the table (Hemingway . This underlines the physiological state of common people affected by the crisis who are sick and tied of instability . Using settings of hills , the author prepares the readers to something unacceptable . Beauty depicted and enhanced by rendering of delicate expressions that come together to form a beautiful composition of nature at it ‘s best

Hemingway depicts fresh and vivid images of white elephants ‘ which intensify , clarify , and enrich symbolic meaning of the story . A symbol of white elephant ‘ means the unborn child . The girl says : They ‘re lovely hills ‘ she said ‘They don ‘t really look like white elephants . I just meant the colouring of their skin through the trees (Hemingway White ‘ usually symbolizes purity and innocence , virtue and divine nature . The writer ‘s grasp of the object and situation he is dealing with is impressive and helps to develop the conflict in his story Hemingway gives his grasp of the situation with precision , vividness force and economy making such an impact on readers . The symbol of innocence can be interpreted as the theme of universal constancy and non-intervention of a human into laws of nature

Another symbol is beer ‘ which can be interpreted as dissoluteness and lack of morals . On the one hand , it unveils light-mindedness of the girl who causes harm to… [banner_entry_footer]

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