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Leadership really plays a major role in building a firm and lasting foundation for the Roman Republic and the creation of the Roman Empire Many have tried to introduce a good government to Rome but only a few have succeeded . Power , wealth , and fame are not enough aspects of a good leader . If I am right , however , not all the times the conduct of the Roman governing class had to be justified in terms of the Roman system of values . This pattern is relevant [banner_entry_middle]

to the progress of the Roman Revolution

In 509 B .C . the Romans rose in revolt against the Etruscans rulers and formed their own republic – a government without a king . This new Roman republic was governed by the two chief magistrates called consuls and a body called the senate . The consuls were the chief executives , and also headed the army . The senate was the most powerful part of the government of the republic . The senate controlled Rome ‘s finances and foreign affairs

The patrician class occupied every important position in government , including the senate . This caused dissatisfaction among the plebians , for they have little power in the new republic . Finally , in 494 B . C . the plebians threatened to separate from Rome unless reforms will be implemented

A compromise was done : Every year , the plebians would elect ten officials called tribunes , who would defend the interest of the people against the ruling classes . The tribunes were powered to block decisions from the consuls and the Senate which they believed was unfair to the people . As time passed , the tribunes also gained the power to make new laws

Around 450 B . C , the plebians were given the right to have their laws written . As a result , Roman law was brought together in a single written code of laws known as Twelve Tables . The code covered most aspects of public and private life . Even though the plebians were allowed to run , for office and vote , they almost lost because the paticians used their wealth to buy their votes and win popularity . If a plebian won , he would forget his fellowmen and began to regard himself as a patrician

As the Roman Republic extended its power beyond its territories , it was inevitable that Rome would clash with Carthage , a rival rich city-state on the north coast of Africa just opposite Rome . Carthage controlled the areas lying on the North Africa coast and Spain . When Carthage attempted to take over the eastern half of Sicily , the king of Syracuse appealed to Rome for help

Thus , begins the more than a hundred years of war between Rome and Carthage . This series of war was called the Punic Wars . The most important Punic war was the second because it marked the start of the decline of Carthage . It involved Hannibal , the general who lead the Carthaginians and Scipio Africanus , the general who lead the Romans Hannibal was a great Carthaginian general . He attempted to… [banner_entry_footer]

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