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The 1930s era in American culture marked a period of difficult life for most Americans . Historically , this era was known for the Great Depression where the American economy and Wall Street collapsed . Since money was scarce , the people did what could make them happy thus movies , parlor and board games became very popular and people gathered around the radio as well to listen to the games of the Yankees Lifestyle during this era changed and economics particularly dominated the politics during the 1930s . Franklin Roosevelt , who succeeded Herbert Hoover , introduced the program [banner_entry_middle]

of New Deal hoping to salvage the country from further collapse . The set of programs that came with the New Deal eventually led to the regulation of the federal government of the country ‘s economy

Still struggling from the Great Depression , the 1940s era of the United States was dominated by World War II which more or less started with the bombing of Pearl Harbor . War production pulled out the Americans out of the Depression as women were called to replace the men who have gone off to war . This marked the great exodus of women who started dominating the workplace although upon the return of the men from the war , women had to give up their newfound independence back into their homes . The 1940s also marked an initial success for the black movement as they declined to accept lesser status in society

At the end of World War II , American troops went back to the United States to start their lives all over again . The American industry , in response to the renewed energy showed by the returning servicemen and the demands of peacetime , such as the purchase of goods which were not ordinarily available during the war , led to the creation of more jobs and expansion of industries to cater to this needs . It is also during this era that the civil rights movement gained success in the judicial courts in seeking that racial segregation in public schools is deemed unconstitutional

My favorite decade in particular is the 1960s as it was considered the age of youth as the children from the post-war and conservative era became teenagers and adults . It paved the way for the movement which led away from the conservative 50s , resulting in the avant-garde ways of thinking and way of life . Tired of being images of generations before them , these baby boomers effected changes in education , laws entertainment , and lifestyle . For example , architecture in the 1960s was forerunners of contemporary architecture styles that we currently have The tall buildings and skyscrapers were distinctly American and reflected the revolutionary and new American culture . However , the 1960s also was an era of chaotic disillusionment brought about by the social changes and war . This was eventually carried on to the next decade

The 1970s is a period of disillusionment against the government and the movements for the advancement of women , colored people and civil rights gained popular support in the country . Moreover , radical ideas became the… [banner_entry_footer]

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