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History assignment

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History Assignment

Joan of Arc became France ‘s national heroine thanks to her prominent role in Hundred Years ‘ War . She is perhaps the most significant female figure in military history who through her personal courage and inspiration managed to influence the course of the war , tilting the balance of power on the French side . Her canonization by Pope Benedict XV testifies to her importance for European history

Joan ‘s role was important because she managed to end the siege of Orleans in 9 days . Other victories attained by the French troops under [banner_entry_middle]

br her guidance allowed King Charles VII to be crowned in Reims , in this way providing a legitimate monarch to guide the French . In this way , the French were able to protect their statehood and escape the danger that they would be conquered by the British . At one of the lowest points in the history of the nation , the appearance of a simple , uneducated country girl with strong belief in her mission to bring about a reversal in hostilities between the two sides . With her actions , Joan of Arc showed that at times when politics was dominated by kinds and nobility common people also had a role to play in history and could single themselves out through individual talent and leadership

Although Joan was eventually ousted from power by aristocratic French families , her input remains unquestionable . Her conviction as a heretic by the British court was later reconsidered a quarter of a century after her death . Even the posthumous reconsideration of her trial by Pope Callixtus III signified her importance to the history of the continent

2 . Enrico Dandolo , the Dodge of Venice in 1192-1205 , was ruling the city in the crucial time of the Fourth Crusade . His understanding of the situation in Venice at that point was the reason why the Crusade happened at all . But for Enrico Dandolo , the knights about to leave on their perilous journey would have been stranded without costs to cover the trip expenses including ships and supplies . Demonstrating the qualities of an outstanding leader , Enrico Dandolo delivered an outstanding appearance in San Marco di Venezia that helped him gain public support and raise funds for the trip

His contribution was also instrumental in leading the knights on the trip itself . It was on his initiative that the crusade altered its destination to Zara , the controversial port that was contested by Hungary and Venice . Dandolo was therefore no idealist and saw crusades for what they really were : military raids with the aim of conquering more territory . In this light , it becomes clear why his actions followed distinct goals

During his early years in office , Dandolo was forced to carry out an operation against the Byzantine Empire that seized the assets of many Venetians . During the Crusade , he revenged against the dangerous neighbour and weakened Byzantine by seizing Constantinople . I believe that his politics is a good example of how states pursue selfish policies directed at their own survival and aim to neutralized their… [banner_entry_footer]

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