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History of Architecture

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HYPERLINK \l “_Toc5 ” 2 General review of the s

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc6 ” 3 The Doric

HYPERLINK \l “_Toc7 ” 4 Origin of the Doric and its significance

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HYPERLINK \l “_Toc9 ” 6 Origin of the Ionic and its significance

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HYPERLINK \l “_Toc1 ” 8 Origin of the Corinthian and its development Introduction

The period between 600 and 480 BC saw unprecedented movement [banner_entry_middle]

in Greek culture , including its visual artifacts . The so-called Archaic era has unfortunate connotations of inferior quality , yet it remains crucial to the formation of Greek art . As is always the case , the revolution in art coincided with some equally important social changes that took place in various Greek communities . The successes of trade and commerce within the area brought into existence a whole new merchant class , which in turn took power away from the earlier hereditary rulers . With such political change came an increased emphasis on the economy , a concern for personal prosperity , and the development of a certain intellectual freedom , giving individuals a sense of control over their destiny . This concept of freedom ‘ corresponds nicely with the changes that were taking place in Greek art . Perhaps it will suffice to say that something was in the air , and both culture and politics were inevitable expressions of this changing climate . The increased prosperity and expansion of the Greek states brought about a vast array of impressive building projects . John Kissick expresses the view that it was a typical case of society where economic stability has expressed itself in the desire to build monuments (p .71 ) He explains this phenomenon by the fact that people instinctively were anxious for the secure and the stable . Giving such natural inclination , architecture becomes much more than simply a way of designing the building . It inevitably expresses certain peculiarities of particular community . The Greek architects devoted themselves above all to the problems of the column , creating forms which no later Western people has ever wholly forgotten . In the view of that fact this research explores the origin and significance of different Greek styles of column architecture that emerged during the later part of the Archaic era

General review of the s

It was the Dorians and Ionians who developed the architecture of classic Greece . This fact is perpetuated in the traditional names , Doric and Ionic , given to the two systems of columnar design which formed the most striking feature of that architecture . While in Egypt the column was used almost exclusively as an internal support and decoration , in Greece it was chiefly employed to produce an imposing exterior effect . It was the most important element in the temple architecture of the Greeks , and an almost indispensable adornment of their gateways , public squares , and temple enclosures . To the column the two communities named above gave each a special and radically distinct development… [banner_entry_footer]

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