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History of Christianity

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Both Christianity and Judaism came from the same God . Both Judaism and Christianity share the same Old Testament as our holy scriptures . The foundations of faith in God are rooted in the Old Testament , so also that of the Jews , for their history and their laws are all in the Old Testament . Moreover , the entire Old Testament was written by Jews ‘The New Testament was also written by Jews with [banner_entry_middle]

the exception of Luke Judaism is the name that men have to the formative stages of biblical faith (Old Testament ) and Christianity is the name that men have to the completing stage of biblical faith (New Testament (Mojzes Swidler , 2002

Christianity as a religion was an offshoot of Judaism . It has been said that Judaism does not need Christianity to explain its existence but Christianity needs Judaism both to explain its existence and what it believes . Hence , Christianity has also been termed historically as the Judeo-Christian faith . In the early years of the Christian faith Christianity was regarded as just another sect of Judaism known as the sect of the Nazarenes . The early disciples and the 12 Apostles were all Jewish . Apostle Paul even took a Nazarite vow to prove to his critics that he was a Torah-observant Jew . The term ‘Christians ‘ surfaced only in AD 42 when the disciples were first called that in Antioch . The term gradually was adopted to differentiate believing Jews from unbelieving Jews and over time , it became a separate identity altogether .don ‘t boast as if you were better than the branches ! However , if you do boast remember that you are not supporting the root (Israel ‘s forefathers the root is supporting you (Church (Neuhaus , 2001

The exact origins of the Jewish faith are hard to pinpoint , and most of what is known comes from the Torah , the five books that make up the Jewish holy text and are also part of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible . According to the Book of Genesis , the father of Judaism was a man called Abraham , who lived between about 2000 and 1500 BCE (Christianity and Islam also claim Abraham as an important religious figure . Abraham was born in Mesopotamia and later living in Egypt , was the first man according to Jewish religious texts , to promise to worship one god Yahweh . Abraham spread this faith among his followers , and led them to settle in the land of Canaan . Abraham ‘s grandson , Jacob , was renamed Israel by Yahweh , and he fathered twelve sons , who led what would come to be known as the twelve tribes of Israel . These Israelites , according to Judaism ‘s religious teachings , were taken as slaves into Egypt , and led out of slavery by Moses . Moses was a Jewish Egyptian , who according to Jewish texts spoke directly to Yahweh . The freed Jewish slaves were recorded to have wandered for forty years in the desert… [banner_entry_footer]

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