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History of the Chicago Firefighter Strike of 1980

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ABSTRACT : Strike action , often simply called a strike , is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal by employees to perform work . A strike usually takes place in response to grievances that employees feel management are ignoring . Strikes first became important during the industrial revolution , when mass labors became important in factories and mines . In most countries they were quickly made illegal , as factory owners had far more political power than workers . Most western countries partially legalized striking in the late nineteenth or early twentieth [banner_entry_middle]

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Strikes are sometimes used to put pressure on governments to change policies . Strikes mostly undertaken during collective bargaining with an employer that would result labor unions , this actions are so rare , 98 of this contracts in the United States are just settled without a strike to occur , though in some instances this occur without the sanction of labor union , for some reason like the union are not organize for their concerned and so they don ‘t endorse such tactics this event was called unofficial that was known as wild cats ( see , Wikipedia the free Encyclopedia , Strike Action , October 6 , 2006 . There are many types of strikes but one thing is for sure they are united for one purpose either ways to pursue it in the best way they can to embrace justice


The Chicago Fire Department is in charge of fire suppression , providing medical services and rescue operation in Chicago Illinois , it was the second largest fire department in the United States , existed in 1858

Washington Volunteers was the first company established in Chicago that stated in 1832 . The city council passed the ordinance changing and naming it Benjamin Jones Fire Warden that happened later that year Ensuring the entire building establishment with fire safety law , the other year round the firefighters was divided into four fire wards and each was given its warden . Who are in charge for the regulations to be properly followed and that they can assist citizens out of blazes However in 1835 they saw passage of the ordinance called the fire bucket that would require one stove or fire bucket per building , every owners of the said bucket are required for their responsibility to keep the buckets within easy reach and to put out the fires from their businesses and homes definitely , but not just being responsible for that they are also required to help the firefighters if needed . This brigade was called the Fire Guards Bucket Company . In that same year the company of Pioneer Hook and Ladder got into service and the city government decided to name it the Hiram Hugunin , it sat in the City Hall that stands a two hand housed . Then in 1858 it became a paid organization in which they purchase an alarm telegraph and time steam engines . Advancement in the coming years that followed is now in hand , alarm pull-boxes are installed in 1865 , which in 1871 was their greatest advancement . That same year… [banner_entry_footer]

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