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HIV-AIDS, nursing

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Paediatric HIV-Infection

Sharland ‘s article Paediatric HIV-Infection ‘ provides relevant information concerning the problem of HIV-infection , especially among children . The information provided in the article is worth attention as HIV is a problem of 21st century and no country remains unaffected by this killer . It is a well-known fact that AIDS takes away lives of thousands people annually . The problem is worsening when HIV touches innocent children , because they are too young to understand what is going on and what consequences will be . Therefore Sharlands tries to define the proper treatment of [banner_entry_middle]

HIV and to persuade people to help children infected with HIV , not to avoid them (Sharland 1997

The author states that HIV-infection is a major setback to child death Over the past 20 years 20 million adults and 1 .5 million children have been infected with HIV . The statistic seems really horrifying Furthermore , children may be born with HIV infection . Sharland outlines that HIV more frequently occur in Africa and South Asia , especially in India partly due to absence of professional medicine . Projections are published to present the incidence and prevalence of HIV and AIDS in England and Wales for 1995-1999 : the fall is expected among homosexuals though the rise is expected among heterosexuals (up to 25 ) and among children whose mother are infected (up to 60 (Sharland 1997

The article takes into consideration the clinical management of children with HIV infection considering that it is a serious tress for the whole family , because child ‘s positive test suggests that either father or mother is infected . It is apparent that treatment should concentrate not only on medical care , but also on family and social care . Medical care tries to prevent and to treat infected organs , whereas social and family care aims at providing support and help in disease treatment process The author says that nowadays there is a need to improve practical help for families . Summing up it is necessary to say that one of the principle difficulties is uncertainty (Sharland 1997


Sharland , Mike et al (1997 . Paediatric HIV Infection . Archives of Disease in Childhood , 76 , 293-297



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