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Holocaust (on the book – `Night`)

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Reflective for Elie Wiesel ‘s Night



Professor “Never shall I forget that night , the first night in camp , which has turned my life into one long night , seven times cursed and seven times sealed .Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust . Never shall I forget these things even if I am condemned to live as long as God Himself . Never (32

The raw emotion present in Elie Wiesel ‘s Night ‘ is powerful overwhelming , and intoxicating . With the [banner_entry_middle]

turn of every page it becomes clear that Wiesel is not only a skilled writer but manages to breath life into a story that is so full of death . Irony is present early and throughout the novel . While the police and Nazi are setting up shop in Wiesel ‘s village he speaks with the Beadle . Moshe preaches love and peace which contrasts so strikingly with the reality of the situation The taking of this village and all it ‘s people seems almost effortless As the reader , you cringe inside as Jewish households take in and care for Nazi soldiers because the reader knows the final outcome

Wiesel does a great job describing human denial . I prefer to call it idealism – the belief that men are inherently good . The people who lived in the town of Sighet believed that these men were of no danger to law abiding individuals and families . Critics often comment they were blind ‘ or they should have seen it coming ‘ They had no reason to believe that the goal was to capture and murder the entire Jewish population . Genocide is hard to comprehend today , even with mountains of historical evidence , why is it so unreasonable that the Jews could not conceive of it and comprehend it then

It is the recalling of the extremely personal moments within the novel that make it hard to put down . A powerful moment within the story is when Madam Schachter is screaming as all the captured citizens are being loaded into the train cars . She is screaming fire ‘ but only the reader knows she is actually seeing the future torture that awaits them all at the concentration camps . As Wiesel and his family enter the camps he writes “Eight words spoken quietly , indifferently , without emotion . Eight short , simple words . Yet that was the moment when I parted from my mother (27 ” referring to the Nazi instruction ‘Men to the left ! Women to the right (27 . His loss is unmistakable . The passages in which Wiesel talks about how his God has abandoned him and that he “did not deny God ‘s existence , but [he] I doubted His absolute justice (42 ” are heartbreaking . And when his father is beaten to death in front of Wiesel ‘s eyes and he does nothing . His soul had completely been drained from him and the dehumanization of Jews by the Nazis is complete and very apparent . He writes articulately about how in that single moment , he wanted to both save and kill his father . The reduction of his soul as well as his body left him with only the basic instinct to survive

However , this story is not a story without hope . The core message here is that while humanity can be lost it certainly can be regained . Wiesel recalls a conversation in which he is told ‘Bite your lip , little brother .Keep your anger and hatred for another day , for later on . The day will come , but not now .Wait . Grit your teeth and wait (51 And Wiesel did wait , and he did survive . He went on to be prolific writer paying homage to his family , to the people who were tortured by the Nazis , and to all people that suffer in the world . One of the best parts of this novel is when Wiesel meet a French girl who is pretending to be Aryan . She knows only French and they can not communicate . When she cares for Wiesel after he is beaten she comforts him in German Wiesel , years after the girl and the camps , he goes on to become a successful French Journalist

Unlike other pieces of literature written about the Holocaust , Night is not over nostalgic or technical . There is no preaching or forced moral content . The brevity of Wiesel ‘s Night ‘ combined with his easily accessible writing style makes this novel but not just readable but believable


Wiesel , E (1982 . Night . New York , NY : Bantom Books … [banner_entry_footer]

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