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Homeland Security Policy Memorandum

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The Homeland Security Advisory Council

Washington D .C

September 19 , 2006

Memorandum for : The Department Head

The Homeland Security Advisory Council

From : Section Head

Policy Analysis Subject : Proposal to Further Strengthen Port Security


Today , a major portion of the world ‘s economy and 25 percent of America ‘s are dependent on international businesses . Most of them , for over thirty long years are transported through high seas and land bs in the standard container van aboard ships , trucks and trains Two trillion dollars of the world ‘s [banner_entry_middle]

economy depend on trade (Abt Associates , Inc . 2003

The transfer of commodities is generally dependent on seaports , land bs and airports . These major points of loading and unloading of goods are the usual target of nuclear terrorism . An estimated 72 million steel containers are moving through world ‘s seaports every year and in any one of them , a 60 to 600 pounds nuclear weapon could be detonated even before it is unloaded and destroy unimaginable number of lives and properties (Abt Associates , Inc . 2003

U .S . ports have been implementing programs to prevent nuclear weapons from entering the country . But these programs are insufficient in many aspects . They do random inspection which leave bigger portion of the cargo unexamined . Inspections are done without sufficient equipment that can scan entire containers for radiation . Efforts to identify cargo for inspection are limited by not being able to distinguish cargo that has the greatest risk (GAO 2002 . This memorandum provides recommendation to improve port security . The following questions will serve as challenge to the whole organization and will help improve U .S . ports capacity to examine containers

How can the Homeland Security prevent the transport and entry of nuclear weapons inside a shipping container

What are the ways and devices can we use to see the interior of a container ? Can terrorists do something to render x-ray facilities ineffective

Can security start from the point of origin , i .e , factories , loading points , etc

What is our policy regarding organizations that intend to do damage to the nation


Detonating a nuclear weapon in America ‘s ground is considered to be the most dangerous terrorist attack . In the aftermath of the 9 /11 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York , tight security had been placed over America ‘s airspace . Cruising either Atlantic or Pacific oceans aboard a luxury or fishing vessel without being detected will also be difficult It is only through the maritime shipping container industry that nuclear warheads can be brought into the United States (Stafford 2006 . Efforts are being done to improve the security at the point of entry and prevent the transport of nuclear weapon inside a shipping container

Supporting Arguments

Ineffective port security is evident in at least two successful attempts by media organization in 2002 to smuggle depleted uranium into the country inside two 40-foot containers . Depleted uranium is more likely to be detected than highly enriched uranium in nuclear weapons U .S . Customs agents also inspect a minor… [banner_entry_footer]

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