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Hospital Disaster planning

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Hospital disaster planning

Hospital disaster planning is a very important issue due to the fact that nowadays realities create lots of accidents in which people might get . In order to maintain proper care for those who have suffered from disasters and provide all the necessary medication , hospital disaster planning becomes vital in present circumstances

Disasters happen quite often to people . For example , 69 of people in the southeast of the United States have reported that have suffered from a traumatic event . Disasters are events which cannot be controlled and in many [banner_entry_middle]

circumstances , foreseen by people , so they give the most damage and require advanced care and treatment , as well as being ready to provide the assistance immediately . When a catastrophe occurs , the general population expects public service agencies and other branches of the government to rapidly mobilize and provide the assistance to the community . It ‘s very important to make sure that medical professionals are included in all phases of disaster planning as well as in the immediate response to the disaster which has happened

Disasters are often classified by the resultant anticipated necessary response and the classification goes the following way

Disasters of Level 1 include those in which emergency response personnel and organizations are able to contain and deal effectively with the disaster and its aftermath . This type of disaster is the easiest for hospitals to maintain because they are ready to provide all their facilities for the patients after the disaster occurs

Disasters of Level 2 require regional efforts and mutual aid from surrounding communities

Disasters of Level 3 are the largest by magnitude and effect on the people ‘s lives . During the disasters of this kind local and regional assets get overwhelmed , so statewide and federal assistance is required

Hospital disaster planners must take into account all the scenarios which include the possibility that the disaster might occur on the territory which is close to the hospital , and it can turn the only one which will have the responsibility of taking care of the patients after the disaster . It ‘s very important to anticipate the following rare events- mass decontamination , multiple triage , staging areas within the confines of the hospital , adequate supplies and resupply , as well as the recall of personnel

In order to increase the quality of emergency health care , the more detailed requirements for health care organizations were approved by JCAHO in 2000 and went to the effect starting with 2001 . The most significant of them include the requirements which integrate hospital disaster planning into community plans , to make sure that disaster programs address all the phases of the disaster circle . They also have to ensure the capability to evacuate the entire hospital staff together with patients and relocated them in the independent facility . There are still discussions carried out with JCAHO concerning further strengthen requirements concerning policies and training in the response to terrorist activities which can involve chemical , biological , nuclear and explosive agents . It ‘s very important to make sure hospitals have… [banner_entry_footer]

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