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How do I Express My Personality to Others?

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Alexsandra James

Professor Doe

English 344

16 October 2006

Exotic Beauty

I believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder , when I look at myself in the mirror every morning I see a beautiful , intelligent and warm person . But I guess people don ‘t see me that way . When I first came to the United States , I felt different and wondered whether people were always looking at me wherever I go . I am a curious mix of three races – black , white and Indian that made it difficult [banner_entry_middle]

for people to decide who I was and where I came from . I speak Portuguese and when I speak in English , most people cannot recognize my accent . It ‘s difficult to want to feel that I belong here because of my passion for learning the English language and at the same time realize that I am quite different I have tried to be like any college freshman and I guess I have been successful at it

I dress like any ordinary girl in jeans and shirts , and this probably is an unconscious effort in my part to want to be enmeshed in this culture I have curly hair and stands at five feet and six inches . I am not that tall or that short to stand out in the crowd and I dress simply because for fear of being scrutinized . Jeans and shirts are safe and I need not go out of my way to be different because in reality I already am . In public , I am this smiling , amiable colored girl that is eager to and converse in English . But inwardly , I am just this shy little girl from Rio de Janeiro and I am out to prove myself in this crazy world . I have an ounce of foolish bone in me too what with being a teenager in a very colorful and artistic country like Brazil , I had my belly button pierced and I wear three earnings in each ear . This is a normal practice form where I came from and is accepted by everyone . The other girls at school always look at my ears and maybe I make them feel uncomfortable because they have a preconceived notion of people who have body piercing . I don ‘t really know , but for sure , I know where I came from and what I value most . I am here in the United States to pursue my dream in becoming a nurse and for someone like me that would be a bumpy journey . My dream started to become a reality when I studied English

I have learned the English language on my own and I think that it has given me a sense of accomplishment that makes me feel proud and makes me walk with a little gait and bounce and my head held up high . In Brazil I have helped many of my classmates with their English homework and I felt liberated and excited to be able to speak and write… [banner_entry_footer]

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